Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Day 5 -Singapore 2010

We woke up pretty late today. I think I woke up at 10am but I slept back till 11am. 5 girls getting into shower and dressing takes lots of time. By the time we all got ready, I was very hungry. So, hurry hurry to our food destination. We were going for Thai at 1st but unfortunately, the shop was closed down.

Then we were at somewhere. I'm not sure where we were actually. It was either Bugis or City Hall. Lack of sense of direction from me. I think we were at Bugis because in the photo below I saw Victoria Street which is very near the Bugis MRT Station.

Ate lunch at MOF (Ministry Of Food). Yum yum. The food was really nice. Nice deco. I like the colourful tiles. The best thing of the restaurant is that it plays TVXQ's songs. Hahahaha....

(Rice with salmon balls I think...)
(This is mine..I ate the Teppenyaki Salmon Bento..it's pretty delicious.)
(Unagi bento...)
(Salmon sushi..look how cute the wasabi is...it's rolled into a ball)
(I think this was curry chicken ramen or something...I can't remember)
(My dessert...Extremely delicious..fried sweet potato with green tea ice-cream..the way the two flavours mix together was really nice. The sweet potato was really creamy and just sweet enough. I can taste the milk in the ice-cream too...really yummy.)
(Ting's dessert...the jelly apparently is diet food..very healthy stuff.)

Then we went in to the shopping mall. I think it was Robinson's. Didn't really walk around much. We were actually planning to watch Toy Story 3 but we couldn't make it for the 4.30pm show. So we just walked around. But I bought some books and CD at CityLink Mall. The book was only SGD6 when it was like RM34.90 in Malaysia. I'm so glad I didn't buy it in Penang.

(A picture we took during our walks...)
This is Iluma..the shopping centre in Bugis. I love the illumination on the whole building. The interior designs inside the shopping mall was really nice too.

Our dinner was at a Chinese noodles restaurant. There were a lot of people in the restaurant. I ordered a Hotpot Noodle and well, lots of noodles. It was pretty okay. Not bad. I have ginger tea which was very gingery.

(What Ju had for dinner...SweetNSour Char Hor Fun...lol)

We had many things planned but most plans failed. There was not enough time sadly. Next, my last day in Singapore.

P.S. I got tired of writing of my trip. There's still a lot of stuff I need to write about my holidays and I can't seem to finish. I've already shorten this but it seems really long to me. There's still my gathering with fellow ex-F6 and many many eating outings. I'll try to update as much as possible.

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