Sunday, July 04, 2010

Day 3- Singapore 2010

If you are someone who likes walking, eating, sight-seeing and admiring nice architecture, then you won't find my trip to Singapore a total bore.

The 3rd day, what we did was nothing much actually. We got up early that day to tidy up SP's house for her. Then, her sis treat us to lunch. Had a very big bowl of noodles with fish balls. Very very full.

Then, we were off to Marina Bay Sands. Took the MRT to Marina Bay. There's still much construction at the area. The view of all the building were amazing and we can see the Singapore Flyer and Esplanade nearby. Took a walk through the river and the view was amazing.

(The whole area was with these water sprinklers which were very cooling...Nice~)

(The Marina Bay Sands...awesome architecture. The are 3 towers with a long building part connecting all 3 at the top and it looks some sort like a ship on the 3 towers. )

(The interior in Tower 1 and notice the floors are built like stacking pyramids? Very classy if you ask me.)
(I'm always awed with great interior designing. The hallway was simply classy in its own way.)(The shopping areas of Marina Bay Sands...notice the water can take a 'sampan' or wooden boat through the whole building. It cost SGD5. )(The advanced touch screen directory...I sound like a budak from kampung I know. I was amazed by the technology there. I can't help it. We don't have it here yet.)

(The sampan experience which will cost you SGD5)

The stores here are more for the upper class people who can afford expensive stuff. I saw mostly very expensive brands which I hardly afford unless I take a chunk out of my bank account. Too expensive for me unless someone buys it for me. I would welcome that. Hahahaha.
Day 3 ended just like that. Oh ya, we finally entered a casino. The Marina Bay Sands Casino. No cameras allowed in so I didn't take any photos. My casino experience ended with me trying a spin on the jackpot machine or whatever it is called and lost SGD4...

The rest like Roulette or Big&Small or Poker....I can't afford to bet even one try. Trying your luck once would cost SGD25. I wouldn't take a risk like that since I'm stingy. =.= Anyway, I know I wouldn't win anything.

Went home that night and ate dinner at home. Played monopoly almost the whole night while watching MJ's concert on was really a nice performance...awesome...just wish he was still alive to see those moonwalk again.

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