Monday, July 26, 2010

Invincible Youth

Okay, I’m probably still feeling down from watching Invincible Youth just now. Ep32 was just too much for me. I cried non-stop. The tears in my eyes just kept flowing out. My nose is running right now. How can a variety show affect me that much? I’ve grown way too fond of the show and the girls in it. The G7; Sunny, Yuri, Hyunah, Narsha, Hara, SunHwa, and Hyomin.

They have shown me that even though they are idols competing in their music career, they form the truest friendship after 8 months on the show. I saw the genuine Sunny who makes jokes, catch chicken with her hands and care for others instead of just Sunny SNSD. I could feel all her emotions in leaving the show and the sadness of everyone in the show. T.T I have fallen so much in love with her through the show. She is truly one great entertainer. Feel so sad that Yuri and her had to leave after forming such a bond with everyone.

You might say it was just a variety show, no big deal. To me, the show represents the genuine friendship of the girls, their passion in their career and their compassion towards people. We have much to learn from them. They bring me laughter with their jokes and antics and brighten my days. I’m so going to miss Invincible Youth with Sunny, Yuri and Hyunah in it. Without them, the show doesn’t have much feel anymore…haiz...Missing them already.

Youth, never lose…Invincible Youth!!!

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