Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Three days Two nights Party Fest- Day 1 (31 May 08)

I had a super-duper weekend. Last Saturday afternoon, I went to stay over at Juin's house and we did all kinds of crazy stuff. But first thing first, we went to Siaw Ping's house to give a set of comforter ( a gift from the seven of us) to her sister who is getting married on Sunday with Guess who?? My uncle...haha he's actually my mom's cousin so still my uncle but distantly related. That makes Siaw Ping my aunt's sister....hehe. Her sister...the other one...she has two elder sisters...the one getting married is the eldest, her second eldest sister bought home from Japan some very cute bubblegum and a pair of chopsticks for each of us...very nice you know...Thank you Siaw Ping's Er Jie..I really like the pressie...then we had steamboat at her house...yummy!!!
( the chopsticks has mickey design on it....very nice)

( The bubblegum...very colourful balls of gums..if you eat one colour with another it will give out a different flavour...very cool and yummy)

Next we went to Juin's house...I put all my stuff there for overnighting there (I actually bought a big bag and they say I'm crazy)and we kacau-kacau a bit at her house. It's a good thing her parents have gone to KL and she's alone or her parents might think we were super crazy. We talk a bit and after Jane and Angelyn (more of our crazy friends) came to her house, we went for dinner. Dinner was nothing special....same old crazy antics...but this time we had another member. Our Ju's very own doggy...his name is Scruffy (I think I spelled correctly....) Very cute dog...the only dog now that I dare to cuddle and play with without being afraid of him (except when Scruffy barks loudly at stray dogs...that's a bit scary)
( Heineken bottles unite...)
( Sunset Bistro neon sign)
(8 of us plus Scruffy boy)
( Crazy beer drinkers...we are not)
Then we went to Batu Ferringhi for a drink...we had planned to go to the place for a long time. We travelled all the way from Juin's house in Island Glades to Sunset Bistro in Batu Ferringhi. We were even stuck in a jam on our way to the place. Major jam...took us around an hour just to get to the place. But it was worth it. It is near the beach....very near. As matter of fact it was on the beach...haha. Cool place to chill out. We drank Heineken beer...never drank it taste just the same like any other beer...bitter...hahaha. As I'm not a big fan of alcoholic drinks I think all alcoholic stuff are bitter (Only the ones I tasted...with exception to those I drank in club as those were diluted with coke..those are sweet bcos of the coke inside...) Seriously, I don't know how to enjoy it. But the atmosphere is very nice.....warm and cozy and you can hear the sound of the waves and nice music. We talked and talked (It really seems like we really have a lot to say to each other) and played cards, tell jokes and take pictures. We sat there for hours. I think till around 1 something.

(In the club in was wet and slippery inside.....I almost fell in my slippers...didn't dare to dance much)
Then, we decided we want to go clubbing but of course no club would allow dogs in so we drop Ju's Scruffy home before we go. It was so sad...Scruffy didn't want to stay home alone and it was really pitiful to hear him whining. But of course we still went clubbing. It really seems funny. We went clubbing wearing just shorts and t-shirts with sandals. We look so selekeh (untidy, messy) compared to those sexy ladies there. It was raining then and we ran across the street to the club...luckily we didn't get too wet or we might fell sick. We got in the club for free, thanks to Mr Lobak, a friend of Siaw Ping...more like a friend of her sis. I really didn't feel like dancing as I was sleepy and the floor was slippery. I did dance a bit...this was mine third time to some people, I went to just two clubs only and only three times...I'm a very innocent and goodie girl okay...maybe not that goodie-two shoe but still good...We hang around a bit till 3 a.m. The club closes at 3 by the way...I think we went around 2 a.m. I got to visit some other clubs. Just a peek at Slippery Senoritas and Glow( went there before already). Then we went home (to Ju's house except Siaw tomorrow was her sis's wedding and she has to be at home)...everyone took turns to bath...we were sleepily talking to each other while waiting for our turn to take a shower. By the time we finished taking showers we were very drowsy...but we still have time to take pictures before we jump into bed. I think I slept at 5.30 a.m. Was super tired.
( Taking a pic before sleeping was a wrong idea...everyone looks drowsy)
To be continue in my next entry I'm too drowsy too continue...needs some sleep.

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