Saturday, May 17, 2008

WenChuan, China's earthquake and Myanmar's cyclone

WenChuan's earthquake

Myanmar's cyclone

If you read the newspapers or see the news on television, you will feel the sadness and the despair of the victims of May 12, 2008 WenChuan earthquake. It's so sad and I cried watching these news and reading the newspapers. The childrens especially, who are still trapped in their schools. I feel so sad and helpless watching these news. 6000 classrooms.....some of these schools were mostly not strong enough to survive earthquakes. Reports are that they can hear cries of these childrens but these voices are slowly dimming away. Survivors are a small numbers. Those still missing numbered up to hundreds of thousand. The numbers of death are rising by the minute. Currently there are a death toll of around 18000 people and the number is rising. Search and rescue and relief teams are helping to save more lives and taking care of survivors. If you seen the pictures of the still body of these children being pulled out from the ruined building, you will cry. Even childrens who are rescued out needs to have their legs amputated to save their lives. Some died before the reach hospitals. It's so heartbreaking. China needs help. Give donations. They need provisions, food, water, quilts, tents, medical provisions and et cetera. Even survivors are running for their lives as the dams are leaking and could break down anytime now. Natural disasters are happening one by one. Before the China's earthquake was the Myanmar's cyclone disaster that has killed hundreds of thousands. People need help everywhere. Myanmar needs help. China needs help. At least China's government is accepting help. Myanmar's goverment is not accepting and rejecting some foreign help. Isn't saving lives what that matters? Screw political lives first. What is important is giving aid to these victims. Epidemic diseases are spreading and they need clean places to live and clean water, food and safe tents and quilts. Kuddos to all those search and rescue teams, doctors and nurses, medical teams, social workers, volunteers....The Red Cross, Unicef and others are providing help to both country. They are the heroes of today.
What's next? All of these makes me think the world is coming to an end. One disaster after another. All the things we can do now is hope and pray for the victims. We should also prepare for the worst disasters that has yet to come. I sound so pessimistic I know....I can't help it especially with recent events happening everyday in this world. Who knows I might become a victim next.

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