Wednesday, May 07, 2008



Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Or is it Superman?'s Ironman!!! Hahaha. Just came back from the cinema from watching Ironman. It was the 7.45pm. movie in Cinema 9, seat G10....hehe...still remember as I just came back. It was quite an interesting movie....Robert Downey Jr. plays the character Tony Stark, wealthy industralist who creates and produce weapons for US military...(spoilers ahead...) He lives as the rich playboy ladies man but he is also a genius in creating super-high tech weapons. Tony flies to Afghanistan for a new weapon demostration called Jericho which by the way causes super destruction. On his way back to his plane, his convoy is attacked by terrorists, and Tony is wounded by his very own Stark Industries missile. He is captured and held hostage in a cave with Yinsen (Shaun Toub), a doctor who saves his life by planting some sort of magnetism device connected to a generator to his heart. The terrorists force Tony and Yinsen to reproduce the new destructive Jericho missile Tony was demonstrating from parts of other weapons. Using his own intelligence and creating a new kind of suit of armour with Yinsen's help he escaped....but unfortunately Yinsen died. The suit gives Tony the strength and protection to be able to escape the terrorists. Back in America, Tony builds a better suit of armour which gives him superhuman strength with the ability to fly. It was pretty cool to watch all the acts he does and also the kinks and failures of his armour before he finally suceeds. This prove to us nothing comes without hardwork and with the help of his personal assistant Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) and Air Force Lieut. Colonel Jim Rhodes (Terrence Howard), Tony will do anything to save the world from mass destruction or maybe from his very own creations? Of course the movie ends with Robert Downey Jr. saving the day and every superhero movie must end with a BANG!!! I really like the storyline and it was really exciting to see all the actions and Robert Downey Jr. is definitely a very great actor because he plays this role really well....I really like the armour too with it's very supercool colours and functions....bright red and gold titanium. I've never read the comics before but the movie ws really cool to me. Stan Lee makes a special apperance too as usual with women all flocking around him...(He is the comic creator....I think) This movie also shows us that war causes only harm to all of us....Weapons of destructions can only create more destructions even if it is to protect ourself from terrorists or harm....Tony Stark realised this in the movie and tries to salvage and correct his own mistakes. This is so true especially now in this world...we DONT need weapons of destructions we need peace and harmony.....So world peace everyone!!!!


(Robert Downey Jr...)

Also, Angelyn, my friend just came back from Canada for a break from her university studies and she also bought me a's some sort of a totem pole and is really nice. Angelyn went out with us to watch the movie and I really haven't seen her for so long....So thanks Angelyn for the gift......very special.....thanks for bringing back one. Okay got to mum is urging me to give her computer back to her....tata......Watch Ironman....You'll love it.

( The souvenir....Cool huh)

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