Sunday, May 11, 2008

Unacceptable crime of the century....

I think almost everyone would have known by now about this crime. Josef Fritzl an Austrian imprisoned her daughter, Elisabeth for 24 years under his small basement and raped her continuously. He even fathered 7 children with her. This act of incest really bring a huge outcry from the public and how someone like Fritzl managed to imprisoned his daughter when she was 18 years old till now for 24 years remains a huge question. Why didn't she tried to escaped or ask for help somehow....she had 24 years to try to do something didn't she? Or why hasn't anyone questions the letters she wrote or questions her whereabouts...didn't anyone care for her?

Fritzl is now trying to claim insanity for his crime. Do you think he should be declared insane? He is NOT INSANE. He's just in my opinion a really sick, perverted and abusive man who wants total control over his family. When Elisabeth starts rebelling, he imprisoned her to control her. He himself has said a few thing that I think should have point out to people that he is not insane. Instead he is a monster who hides behind a facade. He claims he isn't a monster as people thinks he is and has done his best keeping her in the basement and trying to spend time with her and the childrens. Do you think that would be enough to compensate the life up on top of the basement he stole from her and those innocent children who never seen daylight? He claims he was trying to protect her from the rest of the world. Me thinks he was just trying to stop her from escaping his world. He did say himself that imprisoning her in his basement means it was his kingdom, his world that no one would get in. He just didn't want her to leave his world.

To me, I think that he should be given the heaviest punishment allowed regardless whether he is insane or not...Nothing less than life imprisonment should be given to such a terrible monster. He was over obssessed with his daughter than he should have. He even said he knew he was hurting her and it was just like an addiction he can't stop. Well this to me isn't insanity. Instead it's just like smoking....people get addicted to smoking but do they claim because they are insane that's why they started smoking? No right...smoking is free-willed just like doing all those crime was on his free-will.

I would think that if it wasn't for the letter the doctors found that Elisabeth wrote to plead for the doctors to save her daughter, Kristin's life, no one would have found out about this until the day Fritzl died. She might have spent her whole life there and died in there too. Or he would have started raping the children he fathered with Elisabeth. This is so sick and immoral. Not only did he raped Elisabeth but he also imprisoned her for 24 years and gotten her with 7 children. Can you imagine the horrors she has been through? I can't. A crime like this is equivalent to those of genocides. He is no less a dictator than Adolf Hitler or Saddam Hussein. He rules over his family with iron fists. 24 years is a very long time...I'm not even 24....I cannot imagine those years she spend trapped in a small basement. If you have read the newpapers and read what Fritzl have said to defend himself, you would feel even more angered over his acts....his words were as if that he has done nothing wrong and that he has at least save those children he fathered instead of killing them....It's still bloody wrong, old man!!!! Justice has to be prevailed over this crime.

Nothng can be given to Elisabeth to make her forget those years she spend in the basement. it's something she and a few of her children have to deal with for the rest of their lives. All we can pray for is for her to stay strong. Justice always prevails over evil. I wish her lots of sunlight and lots of hope.

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