Monday, June 23, 2008

Adieu Amanda

(This is one big group..without Cavina though..she hasn't come yet)
Okay from the left: Jolyn, Mei Ling, Loo Wen, Hui Ping, Wen Shan, Phei Chuin, Li Ling, Yu Jean, Hui Ting, Elora, Amanda and Me!!!
Last Saturday to bid farewell to Amanda we went out for awhile. While it was nothing much, just a regular outing (basically is just eat and chat and fool around and shopping) It was okay lah. Now everyone is buzy with their university stuff. I have so much to do yet so little time. I have to go photostat my certs and certify them. Somemore to pay my uni fees and open an account in Bank Mualamat which seems so foreign to me. Have to go for a body check-up before uni. I think to ensure we are all healthy little beings....Have to buy stuff for our little farewell party. A potluck at Hui Ting's aunt's house. Okay back to Amanda's farewell. Not exactly a farewell...lolz. We will be seeing her again in Hui Ting's party. She is going to lucky....while I am stuck in a dead town (Kuala Perlis) which I heard has no cinema or shopping malls. I think even my mobile network doesn't have a network there. So sad...Sorry lost direction again.
(Amanda,me, Hui Ping and Hui Ting)
(Amanda, Li Ling, Hui Ting and me)
We ate at the food court...of all places to eat, they have to choose the food court. I ate a plate of Hot Plate Noodles with Egg. It cost RM 5.30. So bloody expensive....outside is only like RM 4.00 the most. I drank Blackcurrant Juice which is my favourite this few weeks. Talk and talk and talk. Took photos, smile and laugh around. Finish...Then we went window shopping. Okay I bought a t-shirt......Padini for RM20.30...quite cheap and I like the pink so cute...hehe. Bought two books again!!!! Spending my precious ringgit on books...We went around as they were looking for university daily clothing. We have to wear more formal now. T-shirts or shirt with collar and no jeans and slippers. I wonder do they really stick to the rules or are we allow to at least wear jeans?? Hopefully they are lenient in Unimap. Okay that's all. Will update again when I come back from the potluck. Chao.....
(Same outfit...our uniform for the day)

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