Friday, June 06, 2008

Three days Two Night Party Fest- Day 2(June 1)

From left: Jane, Wei Ping, Hui Ping, Me, Hui Ting, Juin and her mom
(We took this in Ju's room)
I told you I slept at 5.30 a.m. yesterday. Well I woke up around 9.30 a.m. I was woken up earlier than that by the alarm clock Angelyn and Jane set. The funny thing is the alarm woke me up instead of them. They were sleeping like logs. I try to fall back into sleep but really I just close my eyes and refuse to open it. Finally I decided to wake up around 10 a.m. and spend around half an hour rolling around Ju's bed. I guess I was the last to wake up and we didn't have breakfast instead we ate tau sar pheah and watch tv. Later we went for lunch omitting breakfast. We went to some economy rice shop somewhere in Jelutong. It was pretty delicious. I have never been to the place before but I recognize the road. (Don't ask me the name of the road cos I don't know)Lots of people were there to have lunch and we saw Hui Ting's dad who end up treating us lunch. We went back to Ju's house after lunch. Jane and Angelyn have already left us to go back to their own home before lunch. (Some business they have to take care of...haha) We end up playing mahjong at Ju's house while watching the SiChuan earthquake charity concert. I felt like an old lady with nothing else to do but play mahjong. I even surf the net using Ju's computer. Basically is I was lazying around. around %, Ju's parents came back from their trip. I went to shower to get ready for the main event...Siaw Ping's sister's wedding. I wore a white dress which by the way i think is too short and I look fat in it. Still I wore it and I'm glad it's over because I was so self-conscious in the dress. Everyone was wearing a dress. even Ju wore a dress. (Due to losing a certain bet, she wore a dress...since she was very sporting about it, she wore a dress with heels...she loks really cute and really pretty...I kid you not) We took lots of photos to show of our outfits and I think we spend a long time getting ready. This happens especially when there were 6 of us getting ready.
(The wedding venue)

(The candle and roses)
(Wedding card and photos)
Siaw Ping's sis's wedding was at LA Galaxy, MWE Plaza next to City Bayview Hotel. it was a small wedding with only closest relatives invited and of course us. The wedding was a buffet style wedding and the food was not bad. my parents were there too. I took a pic of them. The atmosphere was pretty romantic with the candles and roses, balloons and the romantic lighting. Once again we drank beer. I drank quite a few glasses. I stayed back even after my parents gone home. Ju fetched me home. We drank and fooled around a bit. We took lots and lots of photos and dance around singing along to the karaoke system at the side which was spewing super dancing music. I had lots of fun. I think it was around 12 something did we finally decided to go home. Ju dropped all of us home again. Since it was late, I was pretty worried about her. I think she called me around 1.44 a.m. to tell me she was home. By that time I was already half asleep after taking a shower. I couldn't even remeber what I told her....I don't think I heard what she told me and the weird thing is I think I heard her saying Japan something??? Or was I dreaming? Must be my own imagination or I was really dreaming. I actually couldn't remember what she said to me. Anyway, thanks Juin for dropping me home even when it was that late and thanks for fetching me too.....Thank you...
(Legs up everyone)
(Ladies...lift those sexy legs...yeah we are bringing sexy back...haha)

( From top left: Hui Ting, Wei Ping, Angelyn, Siaw Ping)
(From bottom left: Jane, Hui Ping, Juin, Siaw Hui (SP's cousin) and me)

(Rose rose I love you....we are the sweet roses)
( Group photos)
( Can you tell whether we were faking or not???)
( See them showing their shoulders and me my hand that's because there is something on it)
(Our classy sillettos)
( Can you see how cute I am...or trying to be...)

(Squezze in all the pretty ladies)

( See us trying to be sexy...are we succeding??)

Day 2 fest

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