Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another Farewell for all......

(The sweet girls of SGGS)

(Look how cute we are....awwww so cute!!!!)

(Another photo with cutey girls)

(Some of us were actually in the pool)
On Monday, we had a small potluck party at Hui Ting's aunt's house. It was held by the poolside. We bought all sorts of food such as corn, roti canai, dragon fruit jelly, frid chicken, fried bihun, sausages and etc. All of us bought different kind of food there. I bought some corn, some ABC fries and fried belacan chicken. We had lots of fun we had eating and talking. We really like talking about crap don't we....haha....we can talk about anything and laugh. I went swimming in the pool with Hui Ping and Yu Jean. We were not really swimming. More like floating around. Of course we took photos. Every single moment is memorable these days. We did stupid poses for the photos and even pose in the small baby pool. It feels so nice being able to enjoy these times before going to uni with my buddies. I shall miss all of you. Your jokes, sarcastic comments, interesting descriptions of events, funny antics, crazy behaviours, acting cute looks and mostly our time together. Of course we shall still keep in contact. There's always the phone, e-mails, snail mail (LOL) and of course oline chatting. So ladies, don't forget me!!!!!!!
( Hui Ting taking photo)

(The ice-cream potong gang...)
(Lot's of potluck food)
I shall MISS you guys.....
(I do sound like I'm dying or something right....hahahaha)

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