Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mizi again and BED...Unimap here I come

(Top from left: Hui Ting, Hui Ping, Renae and Yuen Nee)
(Sitting from left: Wei Ping, Me, Juin, & Jane)

( Wei Ping the bday girl making a wish)
( Me and Wei Ping)
( At Bed...)

(Mizi...WP, Me, Ju & Jane)

(Bed....again group photo)
( Another one...Bed)

(HT,Ju,HP,Jane and me with our drinks...yummy)
Yes, I have gone to Mizi Bistro again. This time I was so full I could barely walk. This is only the second time we go there yet it seems everytime we go, it is a very full satisfiying affordable meal. I ate a plate of lasagna today...pretty yummy. I even drank onion soup and had blackcurrant juice....haha. The last time we went there was a lot more fun but this time was not bad. It was Wei Ping's birthday so we went out for dinner with her to celebrate her bday. Happy Birthday Wei Ping!!! We bought her a bottle of perfume (Oceanus from Body Shop) and a set of sunglasses (Vincci). The sunglasses are real nice. We laugh a lot and I think we were really noisy. Makes me a bit embarassed by the noises I made. After that we went to Bed. Not actually going to sleep....haha. It is actually a cafe. Like Coffee Bean or Sega Fredo. Pretty nice in there. I drank a glass of Cafe Vanilla. Pretty yummy. We talk and play around with cards and also took lots of photos again. For memory I guess.

(Bread and butter)

(My delicious lasagna)

(Chocolate mint birthday cake)

(Ju's Suzanne...that's what the dish is called "Suzanne' geddit?)
(Ice-cream....with choc rice and syrup)

(Hui Ting and Hui Ping ate this)
There is not much time left. I'm leaving for Perlis soon probably. Since the results for university entrances are out and everyone got their own place to go, we will meet less and less. Hope we will keep in touch. Some people get USM...lucky dogs (I'm kind of jealous). Some is far yet I think it is fun there. Me, I get Perlis. It isn't very far from Penang yet it is foreign to me. Never been there before....I don't know how is it there and I am pretty scared. I hope it will be okay and I will have friends there. Loo Wen I need you!!!! Hahaha. I guess let the path take me wherever it wants to lead me. At least I got a nice course. Material engineering.....pretty good stuff. I'm just afraid I won't be able to cope. What would happen if I flunk the engineering mathematics? I'm not good in maths. As a matter of fact, I hate maths. I'm trying yet I never really succeed in maths. I guess I'm crossing my fingers and hope for the best. OMG...the more I think the more scared I am. You know even though I say I'll be okay but I'm still scared. I know how near Unimap is. Still it's 3 or 4 hours away. I still am scared. I'm not brave you know. I really hope I'll be okay because I need to be strong. I hope I can get use to the environment there.

(Juin's lighter has this really cute design)

(Drinks at Bed...sorry I'm bad at taking photos)

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