Friday, June 06, 2008

Three days Two nights Day 3 (June 2)

(Our beloved Siaw Ping)
( Dim sum breakfast)
This is no longer a party fest. It's because I'm well actually we are saying goodbye to Siaw Ping. She is leaving for Singapore to work and will probably be there for a year or so. This means we won't see her for a long long time. I shall miss her. This is sort of like the few last times we will get to be with each other. Angelyn wasn't there though...she has left for holidays in Langkawi. Soon, Angelyn will fly back to Canada (where she is studying currently...she came back only for a short break) and most of us including me will be entering university somewhere. God knows where. I will definitely miss everyone...

( Me, Hui Ping, Siaw Ping & Jane from the left)
I woke up around 7 because we had planned to have breakfast together. (Can you imagine waking up early every morning and sleeping so late everynight?? I guess if you are used to it then you don't feel as tired as I am.) We were going for dim sum but Jane woke up late and I was the one who woke her up...haha. So I waited for her to fetch me and together we went to the dim sum place. Ate a few dim sum, drank some tea and eat a lotus paste pau. After that we were going to send Siaw Ping off at the ..........bus station. It was major traffic jam in the morning...of course it was due to the time which was start working time. We were stuck in jam for a long time and almost didn't reach in time. We reached around 9.00 and luckily her bus only leaves at 9.15. So it was fortunate we were on time. We took a few photos and say our buhbyes to Siaw Ping. Halfway through our photo shoot( shoot)...Hui Ping's newly bought camera fell and was damaged (Remember she just bought it at the PC Fair). Sadly it has to be taken to be repaired and we took a detour to Tesco Extra to get it repaired. Ju was going to drop us all at our homes before she go to her college for some business. Instead we went off with her to her college (TAR) for a little trip....Can you imagine going from Sungai Nibong to Tanjung Bungah...super far right....

(One last group photo minus Angelyn)
Then we took another small detour. This time to Redbox Gurney Plaza. It's been awhile since I went karaoke-ing. Although I was kind of tired and sleepy I was hyped-up to sing some songs. I go crazy again...this time singing...lalalalala...Finally felt tired after releasing all my energy singing. As soon as Ju dropped me home (once again Ju...thanks) I dropped straight to bed and took an afternoon nap. Snore...ZZZZZZZ

Day 3

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