Sunday, June 08, 2008

Mizi Bistro

( Me and Wen Shan)
Hey guys here I am AGAIN with another super long entry...haha. I know Hui Ting you're saying that I'm writing blogs like I'm writing a journal or essay. Hehe, I guess this is sorta my journal. Some sort of writing to let me remember what I was doing or what I felt at the very time of the entry. It's really long I know. Sometimes I feel when I start writing, I don't know when to stop. I guess writing this is more like a way to express myself better.

Today is all about celebrating three people's birthday in one day. Yes, it must be because we are too stingy to buy birthday cakes. (You guys don't eat them anyway...keep saying cakes make you fat or you don't eat them and blah blah..) It was Mei Ling's birthday (7th June) and Cavina's birthday (8th June) also Suraini's which has already passed for like a month already...haha
(Mizi Biztro)

( Me and Wen Shan)

We went to Mizi Bistro to celebrate. The restaurant is always full so we had to booked earlier and even when we booked earlier, we had to wait for like almost an hour. Still the food was worth it. The set meal was RM 19.90++ and was so worth it.( It was total around RM23 plus taxes) They give you a drink, a bowl of soup, a main course and dessert. I had a Bollotine Chicken Nelson( I don't know what a ballotine is...can someone tell me???) a bowl of mushroom soup (It's really goooooddddd), ice-cream for dessert and green tea (which don't taste like green tea more like jasmine tea). The food was really good though. I ate till I was so full I feel like bursting. I think everyone felt it was really worth it as they were full to the max and the food taste good. We were there for a long time. I think we were there for around 3 hours. We were hogging their tables haha...but the waiters and waitresses were very nice. They bring us glasses of water when we asked for it and even sang a birthday song together with us. We gave some of the cake to the waiters and they even complimented that the cake (Belgium Cheese) was really nice. Of course the cake was nice, it was from Jenny's Cakehouse and really yummy. But of course everyone was stuffed, we barely could swallow some more. I really think the service there was really good. They were very helpful and the food is not too pricey and is pretty good. Should go there again. One of the waiter even told us to come back and celebrate another birthday again there....teehee...

( Ice-cream.........)
Someone bought a present for Cavina...hehe...someone from their Celebrity Fitness gym. Who is it you ask...I have no idea...ask her lah....haha He...( is a he...) He bought her a present and some donuts haha...funny we were just too full to stuffed ourselves with one ate the donuts and Cav has to bring it home. Mei Ling being herself complain about the present saying why got shining shining and "Elora why buy this kind of sleeveless and got shinning design t-shirt for me???" Suraini was late because she came straight from work and commented Elora wrapped the present like sweets and ask "What you guys buy huh???...wrapped like this...underwear is it???" Haha. Well, they do look like sweets or pillows...hehe. I like the rose she created from wrapping the present....great job wrapping it Elora!!!! Su even has a TATTOO...a scorpion tattoo...haha..surprised????????????????(FYI, it's just a stick-on one...)
( Su's tattoo)
(Mei Ling, Su and Cav attacking the cake)

(The pressie in sweets' shape...)
(Li Ling commented that the picture looks like Cavina won the Miss ___ Pageant and Su being the 1st runners-up was happy but the dissatisfied Mei Ling making her face because she only got 2nd runners-up...haha...great imagination huh Li Ling...)
(Cavina's mystery gift from mystery guy)
It was really fun today. Before we went to Mizi Bistro, we went to Gurney to visit Hui Ting, Jane and Wei Ping who are working there for 10 days. They are selling phones. Anyone interested in buying phones should go there and buy from them. They need to sell more phone for commissions. It really is a tough job trying to sell handphones....Kambateh everyone!!! I bought another book AGAIN!!! I am always buying romance novels, I feel like such an idiot. Books are really expensive. I don't know why I like to read books like this so much....Maybe it's an outlet to feel romance for once with the characters in the book. Some place to imagine how it's like to fall in love....hahaha.

(Group pic)
Happy Birthday to Mei Ling and Cavina...May all your wishes come true!!!!!! And Su although your birthday has passed for so long, Happy Belated Birthday to you too. Hui Ping did commented that we were celebrating a birthday that has passed (Suriani's), a birthday for the present (Mei Ling's)and the one yet to come (Cavina's)...haha

HAPPY BIRTHDAY again!!!!!!!!

P.S I'm updating this at midnight so it's already Cavina's birthday...Cav, Happy Birthday!!!

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