Wednesday, June 25, 2008

German Frenzy!!!!!

(Hui Ting, Juin, Jane, Hui Ping and ME)

(Ice lemon tea and Paulaner [German beer])

(The restaurant)

(Our yummy food)

(Mixed grill)

(I don't know the name but it is beef)
(Wild mushroom soup)

(Bday girl Jane)

Yesterday we went to a German restaurant called Ingolf. I never been to a German restaurant before. It was quite yummy. We ordered a few dishes and we shared all the food. The food was super delicious. The atmosphere was quite nice. This place is located opposite the Tanjung Club I think. It is by the hillside...very near the 7-11 in Tanjung Bungah. Me and Hui Ping we share a plate of mixed grill....and for the first time in my life I ate some beef steak....I don't eat beef but somehow yesterday I did. Haha. The purpose we went there was to celebrate Jane's birthday earlier than the original date which should be 30th June. There were 5 of us only. Should have 7 but the minus 2, one is in Singapore and another grounded at home....haha... They miss out the opportunity of laughing till our belly hurts. I think I laugh a lot yesterday. Hui Ting and Juin ordered a big plate of salad and some wild mushroom soup. It was really nice too. Jane ordered a big plate of sausages and potatoes. It was all really yummy. Hui Ting bought a cake for Jane which was actually square and very chocolatey. Yummy but fat. seems these days all we do is eat. Of course eating is fun.....and to taste different sort of food is even more fun. We have to eat more delicious food before going off to uni because I heard uni food is not really nice. (I mean I heard mine was bad...don't know about others) So another day gone....3 more days to university entrance. UNIMAP here I come. Be ready for me....hehehe...

(The cute square bday cake)

(Ta pau back for Jane's boy boy)

I wish you a Happy Birthday first Jane!!!!! Don't forget I want to be your bridemaid when you get marry....haha

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