Monday, June 16, 2008

CHC Library

(All those pictures I took in the library...there's still alot of them but I am too lazy to upload them)

( The foutain which at first got a lot of little fishes that slowly commit suicide by jumping out till there is no fish sad)
(At my desk)
(Magazines rack)

(The store room)
CHC is actually Chung Hwa Confucian High School. I have worked there for 6 months as a librarian. It was a new experience to me. Although I have been a school librarian for 4 years in high school (St.George's Girls School), being a librarian in a brand new school was kind of freakish to me. My mom works in the school too. It probably makes things worst because everybody keeps asking whether she is my mom or not. It's pretty annoying ya know.... "Is she your mom?" Or "Your daughter really looks like your sister" Do you know that's like kind of an insult to me??? Excuse me, saying I'm my mom's sister is like saying I look old!!!!
( Nice ya..the ship made of sponge)
Okay I'm out of topic. I really had fun working in the library. Working hours are not really long. I worked from 8.30a.m. to 4.30 p.m., Mondays to Fridays. Sometimes on Saturdays. I have a 45 minutes breaks although it was a bit short but was enough for me. Some of the student libarians are really nice and good to talk too. Although some of them are super talkative and mischievous, they are quite okay. What I can't stand are some of the students. Studying in a girl school, I think my school is pretty noisy sometimes but since I start working in this school my defination of noise level in school has changed. Not only these students don't respect the teachers and don't obey the rules in the library, I even have to scream at them and chase them out of the library because they were bloody noisy and won't listen to orders. I have never scolded so many people in my life like when I worked there. Not even when I work as a prefect in primary school, I never really can scold people. Or even in secondary school, I don't really scold people in the library. Working there can make you get high blood pressure and make you so frustrated like you want to choke them.
(The flowers they given me. My first bouquet of flowers given to happy)
Overall, I think I did learn a few things working as a librarian there and it was a really fun experience. The librarian had a one day camp last Saturday and they even threw me a farewell party. So it was kind of sweet of them. Thank you to Ms. Wong and Mrs. Tan for their guidance during the whole period I worked there...and to all the librarian who co-operated with me. I really enjoyed working there despite some mishaps

( The cooking competition in the one day camp)
( Look at how skilled some of the librarians are at cooking)

( This two pics are taken in the library. One is taking with flash and another not. This is when the library's steel door is closed down and ther's no light. Scary huh...the libarians are using it to play a game in darkness)
(All the station games were pretty fun)
(Using chopsticks to take out the beans from the flour)

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