Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Last Day of 2009


My last post of the year 2009.

I was in Perlis for 5 days but I felt like I need to come back to Penang. I was miserable in Wang Ulu and moving to a different house to Level 4 Block 9 and having sucky internet connection in the house are making it worse. So the best remedy is going back to my home sweet home.

Even if there's no direct bus back to Penang after 4pm, I wouldn't care less. I rather come back than stay there for the weekend. So, I chose to take a bus to Alor Setar and then to Penang. Loo Wen and I make a decision to take an express bus which would stop at Alor Setar thinking it would be so much faster than the slow stop-at-almost-every-bus-stop bus from Kangar to Alor Setar. Instead the bus detoured to so many places in Kedah that it was so much longer that we reached later than the 'slow' bus.

Well, at least I get to go sight-seeing around parts of Kedah from Changloon to Jitra to Kepala Batas to Alor Setar. Nice detour considering the bus has comfortable seats and great air-conditioning. After that took a bus from Alor Setar to Penang. We got on almost last and have to sit at the last row. Experience a bumpy ride and I didn't even mind. The thought of finally able to get home just make me forget the hardships...hahahaha.

Got to see a very amazing sunset. The colours splashed across the skies was really beautiful. The glow given of my the sun painted the skies with reddish, yellowish, purplish, and pinkish hues. A great sunset to end the year. Got back to the island around 8.30 after 4 hours of traveling.

Can't really see it since I couldn't capture it on a fast moving bus with my slow camera phone.

Today must be a really spectacular day to have such a splendid sunset and a round yellow moonlit night. I know it's the 16th day of the month in the lunar calender so the moon is still so round. Back at home with my family to celebrate the coming new year.

Finally I'm happy....^__^

Happy New Year 2010 everyone...All the best for the coming year.

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