Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Storm Warriors


Have you watch it? I watched it the first day it was out.

Lots and lots of graphics and animations. The animations and special effects didn't ruin the movie but actually makes it more realistic. I admit it exaggerates some stuff but this movie is from a comic, so it can be a bit unreal at times but that's what makes it nice.

It's also nice to see some of my favourite actors in the movie like Nicholas Tse and Charlene Choi. Wind (Ekin Cheng) character's is a character I like a lot. The martial art moves were spectacular in the movie with the addition of special effects. The moves were amplified by the drops of water or the wind which I think make it real. Really really great visual effects.

What I didn't like from the movie was draggy martial fighting...I almost fell asleep when they fought too long. The whole story was also with very little dialogue emphasising I think more on facial expression. Dialogues...I like to see more of Charlene speaking...hahaha...

So, thumbs up for the visual effects and martial moves....go watch it for the visual effects because they are really cool and even though they are so much older than they are in the 1st movie, Cloud and Wind still as fit and I think looks a lot like the ones in the comics. Thumbs down though for draggy fight scenes with very little dialogue scenes that tends to make people feel bored and sleepy ^_^.

Whether it is nice or not is depend on you. It pretty much was just an okay for me. The 1st movie was better but it doesn't mean you can't watch the 2nd movie to see what's it all about.


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