Saturday, December 12, 2009

Trip to Perak

Me, Pei Mun and Siew Yin

Finally sat down to blog about my trip to Perak. Short journey there but long journey back home. I got stuck in a major bridge jam when I came home. It was so annoying knowing I was so close to home yet not yet there. ALMOST felt like jumping off the bus and swimming across. The keyword here is ALMOST...haha...

Too lazy to write a lot so I'll make it short. (When I say short, it never is...I tend to forget and just keep on writing so just bear with me) Went to visit Pei Mun whose house is in Gopeng, Perak. Siew Yin was there too on a visit. We including Pei Mun's Bf went for white coffee which was sweet and milky just the way I like my coffee just after they fetch me from the bus station. Then for lunch which was chicken rice and bean sprouts which is famous there. For those who know me would probably know I hate vege. It's getting better now as I eat more of it now unlike when I was small when I wouldn't even eat carrots. Bean sprouts is still on the hate list but I have to say I ate a few and it was not bad...I think I ate a lot in Perak. That night, Pei Mun's mom took us to dinner in a restaurant which I again ate a lot.

Kellie's Castle.....

Can you see the bear on the tree?

Tortoises at Sam Poh Tong

Ling Sen Tong....very nice...

Went to Ipoh Parade that first day. Didn't buy much due to my stingy-ness. I bought only a hairband. The next day, we went to Gua Tempurung. We didn't go in as we didn't have the time. Besides, I went in before already. It was really fun. We detoured to Kellie's Castle. It was magnificent. The view from it's upper level was amazing. Then to temples like Sam Poh Tong. Amazing how a temple is built in a cave. Took photos a lot. Then to Jusco Ipoh. On the way back to Pei Mun's house, I bought some biscuits to bring home as again.

See how misty it was??

The lights were spectacular I just have to take a photo of it..

Third day there, we went off to Genting Highlands...can you believe that? It was drizzling and really cold which was great. I love the weather when it was cold. The misty cloudy day was just my kind of weather. Love it!! It was raining too when we came back down from Genting to Gopeng. Makes me feel sleepy when it rains. That night, we ate at home and Pei Mun's mom is really a good cook. It was yummy. We even went out for supper nearby her house so I think I did gain weight when I came back to Penang.

The bears were ancient almost. I seen them like 1o years ago and now.

Genting Higlands....

Michael Learns To Rock poster...haha

Took a bus home the fourth day. I was going to stay for another but since Siew Yin was going back so I thought I would be too much of a bother to Pei Mun to drive again to the bus station on the next day. A lot of thanks to her and her bf too for taking me and Siew Yin around. And her mom for cooking and bringing us to eat. I think I was never even hungry at any time during my stay there in Perak. Hahaha..


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