Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Winter Solstice- Respect

Today is The Winter Solstice Festival where we all eat tang yuan or glutinous rice balls. I ate just a bowl as I don't usually like much when I was little but now I like it better...it's tolerable. Today we went to pray to my paternal grandmother. Usually a lot of my family members will come to pray together. My uncle usually bringing along his kids.

What I want to say here is about respecting your elders and your manners. Children love to play I know that but there is really a limit to joking around with elder people. My cousin who is 7 years old knows that but she is so bloody rude I feel like slapping her in the face. What I don't get is all the elders are saying she's just a kid so she likes to play around.

Hello aunties and uncles, do you call hitting people and still laughing around playing?? She keeps hitting my brother and even when my mom scold her and tell her she can't do that, she keeps doing it. WTH....she actually pissed me off and I scolded her too. I really can't stand this kind of attitude. How rude is she?? Let me continue. ...

I scolded her and she have the guts to stare at me and like dare me to hit here. If I wasn't giving face to my uncle who by the way I felt really spoiled her to the limit and should seriously give her a scolding or a beating (I don't usually agree with adults beating children because they are naughty but she needed it). A few of my aunts actually ask her to stop playing and she acted like she can do anything. For heaven's sake, if she can do this now at 7 years old, imagine when she grows up. She would probably end up a gangster..

Her parents who are both educated people should really teach her manners and respect. She is not afraid of anyone and is so rough. How many girls do you see hitting people like with actual force...not the kind that plays around. The more you scold her, the more she do it on purpose to aggravate you. I just ignored her. It was almost to my limit that I feel like really beating her and make her cry.

I'm serious....I never came this close to wanting to hit someone moreover a kid. A utterly annoying rude disrespectful kid. Someone should really teach her to be respectful. She needs it. Finally being able to rant it all out. I was that angry just now because of a stupid kid. Yes, I'm calling her stupid even if she's my cousin. I don't care.


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