Thursday, December 24, 2009

With Friends in Hadyai

Last Sunday, I went for a 2 days 1 night trip to Hadyai, Thailand. A long overdue holiday with friends I should say. After years of planning trips and not successfully actually going to one, we finally cajoled everyone to get into action and go on a short trip to Thailand.

I just realised how near Thailand was and why haven't we went there a single time. A 3 hours plus journey made interesting with loud laughter by the whole gang and an accident on the way to Hadyai. We reached Hadyai after that and checked into the hotel "VC Apartments". It may not be grand like hotels but they have clean rooms and enough beds for all of us for only RM80. Pretty worth it. As soon as everyone showered, the food and shopping fest begins.

Shopping is my favourite thing to do IF I have money. Fortunately I do at that very moment. After exchange Ringgits to Bahts, the 1st thing we did was eat. We came all the way to Thailand and the 1st meal we took was McD. People would be laughing at this but hey McD here is non-halal. I ate a Samurai Pork Burger. Why can't we have this in M'sia. Hahaha.

After filling up our stomach, it's Shopping Time. Walk around and around shopping malls and markets. I bought a watch and a bracelet which I love. Should have bought shoes but I didn't. Should have bought clothes but I didn't. Maybe next time...haha. What was fuuny was that all of us bought lots of daily items like shampoos and food like Pocky and Instant Mee. I think besides me and Ju all of them have bought more than RM50 of shampoos, hair stuff and food. I felt we were almost like aunties giggling away over the bargains in the supermarkets. Hahahaha.

Dinner time came by very quickly and we were off for some Thai cuisine. It was yummy. Hot, spicy and sour just the way I like tomyam. That night we didn't go anywhere but in our room fooling around. Lot's of crazy acts. Bought a couple of alcoholic drinks to drink together and sat down to play cards and watch TV. I almost fell asleep playing UNO. We end up sleeping because the game wouldn't end.

The next morning everyone was so lazy to get their butts of the bed. Tired from all the shopping yesterday but for the sake of shopping and filling our hungry stomach, we got ready. I finally bought a belt and some batik cloth for my mom. After that it was all food. Dodol, cashew nuts, crackers and biscuits. When there with a backpack and 1 sleeping bag. Returned home with 1 backpack, 1 sleeping bag, 1 sling bag and and extra packet of food. I'm not the person who bought the most, so just think of the one who bought the most. Hahaha.

Overall, it was one hell of a trip and Ifinally got to see DH on some advertisement board. I was watching the TV for his commercial but didn't catch any. Saw the Fino advertisement though. Keke...One trip with loads of laughter and teasing and jokes and sarcasm. Enough to last me till the next. When is the next trip?? Faster start planning then...


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