Thursday, December 14, 2006

A surprise for my friend....

I wanted to update yesterday but hell....yesterday my brother was hanging on the computer refusing to let me use it...but I can finally use it...well i actually want to tell you about yesterday night. We make a plan a few days ago...We decided to go to a friend's house and suprise her the night before her we actually went and bought her a cake which has drawing of a blackboard and put in a mickey lollipop on was such a kiddish cake haha...suits our friend who is the youngest of our gang of best friends (which actually consists of 7 very crazy girls..8 if you add Wei Ping)....we decide to surprise her so we didn't tell her we were coming except for a friend who she thought was returning her was so funny she saw us bringing in the cake and she actually close the gate to not let us in...we sang her a bithday song and she seems really embarassed....we bought her a mickey necklace because she really likes mickey. ( at least we think she does..she do does she??) i like it when we get together sometimes it really seems so much fun...that's the best thing of having a friend, to share joy and happiness isn't that right...haha well Juin, Happy 18th Birthday to you..(her birthday's today..we celebrated it yesterday for her) may all your dreams come true...hope mine does too...haha

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