Sunday, December 17, 2006

My Very First time......

Remember the date...16 December very first time...doing what you say? I went clubbing..finally haha...After making plans for so long and not daring to ask my parents, I finally went. It was quite fun and enjoyable. We went to a club called Glo in town. I went with Hui Ting, Siaw Ping, Wei Ping, Hui Ping and Siaw Ping's sisters. Yes, this is my first time clubbing and although my feet hurt like hell, I really enjoy dancing in the club that day which is yesterday and we can say today too since it was until 2 something a.m in the morning today. I know two a.m. seems really early to all those experience clubbers out there but i better not push my chances too far... My first time clubbing and although I manage to ask for permission from my parents to go, I try not to go home too late or not maybe they wouldn't let me go next time. The dancing was fun but if there is a next time I swear I won't wear such a high heels...gawd my damn feet hurt.....I'm lucky I didn't actually fell because my leg was in too much pain. I almost did a few times and manage to grab the table to balance myself. It was not as noisy as I expected though but i don't really like the smell of the air. When I went home I smell like feet hurt and yet I had quite a great time. I drank a few glasses of Chivas mixed with Coca-Cola which isn't really bad because all I tasted was Coke...haha and I only drank around three glasses so no harm done...It was a bit empty when we went since it was only around 11. Then when it gets late....gosh people were practically everywhere untill there's no place to stand. I got up to the stage to dance with my friends and it was so crowded and hot I was sweating like hell...My hair was wet from all the sweat...but it was fun dancing on stage..I was a bit embrassed at first but hey it was dark and no one can actually see that it was I just dance to the music. When we finally decided to go home, my feet was hurting like hell already ( Gosh how many times have I said this...but it really does hurt from all those dancing in high heels..) so as soon as we got out from the Glo I took off my shoes my walk bare foot..that feels like heaven....hahaha.. We went and drink "Teh Tarik" at a mamak stall and sat down chatting a while before going home. A few of my friends went clubbing before already. Hui Ping, Wei Ping and I has not been to it at it was really a new fun experience for me and them....Although I still prefer reading romance novels to dancing in clubs...( I know I'm weird for enjoying reading romance novels but I can't help liking it..beside everybody got their own favourite past time and that's my favourite past time..haha)As I say although I would prefer a few things than to go clubbing, going clubbing and dancing to enjoy myself once in a while is really no harm done...Though I can't go too many times, my parents would kill me and I don't have that much of my money to go so many times..(it cost around RM 50 everytime) I don't really like spending my money that way...rather buy novels to read..haha. But there's a conclusion to everything..clubbing is really fun as long as you don't do drugs or get too drunk and do stupid stuff ( which I think is kinda pathetic) it really is a great experience to go clubbing as long as you know your limit.....Cheers to my first time clubbing.....Yeah!!!

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