Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas is coming...

Hohohohoho....Merry Christmas.....sadly there's no snow in Malaysia and very humid so the Christmas mood here is a bit different.....i'm not a Christian but well I celebrate almost every festival there's fun you know.....i just love the holidays, sadly all of this is coming to an end..the new year is coming after Christmas then I'll start school again...haiz...Holidays seems to pass by so just a week or more school is starting and I'll have to work hard because it's the STPM coming soon...actually I should be studying hard now but lazy me won't seems to cooperate to start studying......I realize I didn't do much this holidays besides playing, wasting my money and fooling around...I should wake up and realize I'm eighteen already...grow up!! But hey I can't stop being a kid..I love being a's better than growing up...But everyone grows up I I'll probably get serious sometime soon..but I'm serious sometimes really....Haiz.... Merry Christmas to everyone and God bless us everyone...(hehe..that's from the book 'Christmas Carol' )

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