Saturday, April 04, 2009

Of Computer Programming and Watching Videos

I have a computer programming project that I have to pass up next week on Tuesday. The problem here is I haven't completed it yet. Other schools like Polymer Eng. or Environmental Eng. do theirs in group but you know what our lecturer did? He told us to do it solo. So now I have to crack my head on what kind of programme I can actually create. Even with Loo Wen's help (She done it last semester in a group), I find myself so not in the mood of doing it. I have 3 days left and I only written 30 lines of the programme. I'm terrible when it comes to computer you took me more than year to realised we can use tab key to make a spacing instead of using the space bar.(I'm an idiot...I know) I could have spend this afternoon doing it but I spent it watching video. I can't seems to concentrate...Arghh!!!

We Got Married(WGM) has got me under its clutches...I adore the couples. Especially Andy/Solbi and HyunJoong/HwangBo. Even if it was make-believed, I cried watching their separation. New couples suck though. I like Alex and Sinae too...they are just too romantic and I miss the old couples even CrownJ and InYoung. Watching the show makes me like Hyun Joong a lot too...He's too cute to resist haha. I felt that he and Hwang Bo makes it look so real...I really can feel their sincerity towards each other. I really like HwangBo and Hyun Joong dance on Get Hot too...nice techtonic dance. Andy and Solbi too looks really perfect together...they are so so sweet...Love their song "Love Song". I even have it as a ringtone now...haha. I was looking at recent news on, and Hyun Joong keeps falling sick because of exhaustion. I hope he gets well soon because he works too hard. So Hwaiting Hyun Joong!!!

I need to work hard myself if I plan to get higher grades this time. So Hwaiting to me!!

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