Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Are Lock-picking skills an achievement??!!

It's NO BIG DEAL but why am I feeling so thrilled?? I'm making a big deal out of nothing. It's not like I won a prize or gotten any good grades(Not yet anyway...haha) but I feel elated...happy....fantastic.

I feel like I just climbed to the top of Mount Everest!!!!

I opened the door of my room without using my key!!! Open it with a paperclip and a borrowed key from my housemate!! I shouldn't feel happy considering opening doors using stuff other than your door key is actually like a crime (Isn't that what robbers do?)But hey I feel ELATED!!!

It's not like I had nothing to do and tried to open the door without the key because I'm bored. It's because my roommate locked me outside my room when I was showering. At that moment when I just came out from the shower, I was really mad at her for doing that AGAIN but hey people can be so blur sometimes. She rushed out and locked the door in a hurry...so I can understand that. Instead of waiting for her to come back which was what I did the last time, I decided to give my lock-picking skills another try. (I tried it once when I was locked out the 1st time). It took me half an hour to open the door and I would have kicked the door open if I wasn't patient. Instead I was standing there picking it slowly because I decided I want to. I was about to give up when the door opened and I almost fell in. I was shocked myself, I didn't thought I will actually succeed in picking the lock but I am of course very excited.

It feel fantastic when you succeed to do something you really want to even if it's picking a lock...LOL It makes me feel that I should study hard for my exams because I can imagine the happiness I will feel when I get excellent grades. So right now, I am even ready to conquer the world.

"I'm King of the WORLD!!!!!!"
P.S. My hand is actually hurting from all that picking...once proving that success comes only with hardwork....

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