Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wang Ulu Blackout

(Total darkness except a torch light shining..)

Of all days to blackout, it has to be yesterday night when the bloody weather is so damn hot and humid. It hasn't rain in a week I think or more than that. 3.30am yesterday night, I was sitting in front of the computer still trying to study and was actually watching a video in the hot hot air when I heard a click or was it a thump and all went black. The 1st blackout I experienced in Wang Ulu...haha

It was really total darkness. I couldn't even see my hand. I kinda freak out because everything suddenly became black but it was kinda cool and it feels more like Earth Hour than the real day because this time it was really totally without lights. So I grope my way to my room to take my phone and torch around. Well it seems I'm not the only one burning the midnight oil. Plenty of people still awake and some woken up by the blackout. It was already hot to begin with and now without the fans, I think everyone couldn't sleep.

I could her catcalls and shouting everywhere. People were shining there torches around and well lots of noises. I shut down my computer and was trying to sleep in the humid air but with all the noises around it was kinda hard to sleep. End up sleeping an hour later at 4.40a.m. The electricity was back up at 4.30a.m. Thank I can finally sleep...miss out on studying though. Blame it all on the blackout.....

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