Saturday, April 25, 2009


I have a sudden craving for McD. Blame it on Perlis. They don't have McD anywhere at all in the state. None at all...why??

It seems so strange to me you know.....No McD in Perlis??!! McDs are plentiful in Penang. I think I need to call the McD admin to tell them to get their asses down here in Perlis. Bring in those yummy delicious chocolate sundae, the oily yet crispy and tasty looking fries, or the getting smaller in size but always that delicious burgers. Perlis residents are missing out on those high colestrol, bad for your heart and liver and can destroy your health if you eat too much but extremely yummy food here. Ohh, I can't wait till I'm back in get a little taste of heaven or hell??

And in Heaven I don't mean just McD. There plenty places for food left in my stomach. For someone from the food paradise of Malaysia, Perlis is not exactly paradise anymore. T.T I miss Penang's Hokkien Mee, Char Kueh Teow, Char Hor Fun, Rojak, Cendol, Ice Kacang, Kueh Chiap, Chee Chong Chok(Porridge with lot's of non-halal stuff), Murtabak, DimSum, Roti Bengali and even Western Food. I miss my family's cooking...all those tasty soups and bolognese spaghetti my mom makes. I miss going to restaurant like Nando's, Kenny Rogers or Breeks and Mizi's . I miss sushi...Sakae Sushi..I'm coming after exams. Ohh and also cheesecake....Secret Recipe!! Argh I miss good food!!!

Hehe by the way, I'm not just missing food.....I miss my family and friends too of course.. ^.^ I love you guys. I can't wait to get home!! 1 more week to go and 1 more paper that will kill me (Have to kill it before I get killed!! Hwaiting!!)

P.S. To friends in Penang, after I'm back let's go eat...I'll get ready my stomach...and maybe some eat good food then we have to spend!! My mouth is watering right now...*.*

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thoughtlessbrainiac said...

of all things, u crave for mcD. lol
gotta admit... trans fats r GOOD :D