Thursday, March 26, 2009

We Got Married

Here's to Hui Ping who said I haven't updated for a long time. I was 10 days ago...haha.

No...I didn't get married...I don't even have a candidate in the running...If I ever get a candidate, you'll be the first to know..

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about...It's Star Wedding, We Got Married. You must be thinking "Geez...this show is like such a long time ago and this girl just watched it??" The fact that I just watch it is embarassing i know but hey I wasn't bored enough to start watching. I thought the show would be boring but it turns out to be really funny and interesting. It even made me a fan. I'm addicted to it now. I'm at episode 17 after watching it for 3 days. Every single day for the last 3 days after coming back from class, I actually sat down in front of my laptop and ignoring the fact that I have heaps of homework, I watched it. As a matter of fact, I watched it till 3a.m. in the morning yesterday and I keep nodding off in class the next morning.

I can't help it.....So Hui Ting, now I understand how you wonder you keep watching non-stop. No wonder Siaw Ping and Hui Ping is watching it non-stop too and it's actually a great stress reliever. I laughed like hell everytime I watched it. It makes you really think whether the relationship is real or not too. I just become a great fan of Andy and Solbi and even Hyun Joong and HwangBo. It turns out I am crazy of this show as them.

***Spoilers ahead***

I actually felt sad for Solbi when she told Andy she lost the ring that there were tears in my eyes....and I was like "Is Alex really like that in reality??? Does such a guy even exist?" and "A, Baby A...L.A.!!!" The songs they sing inside the show is really nice too...especially the one Alex sang "Like A Child" and the AnSol song...or even the song Hyun Joong played on the piano...see I told you I'm addicted...

So go watch We Got Married when you have the time because it is really really funny that you will laugh your heart out but don't be like me, watching when I actually shouldn't be.....exam is coming up in less than a month....But I watch it really simply because I can actually forget about my studies for awhile and relax. ...So when you need a break watch it or you can watch TVXQ in variety show because you will also laugh out loud too....Geezz...OMG I'm turning into a fangirl.....

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