Friday, March 13, 2009

Nothing to do...

I got plenty to do actually. Lot's of homework waiting for me...A Mechanics report, maths tutorial, mechanics assignments, and a lot more. I am blogging.

Give me a break because I need one. In fact I need one every single day. Whoever that said uni life was easy should be shot by now. T.T Emo...

So I decided to write 10 things I HATE about myself........just for fun la.

1. I am is a fact...undeniably a fact.

2. I am too fond of McD and all those delicious fattening food that I ignore the fact that it is really unhealthy and not to mention full of calories.

3. I am lazy as in sleep-all-afternoon lazy and lazy-to-fold-n-wash my clothes lazy. Very lazy almost to the point of lazy to buy food and cook Maggi Mee at home lazy.

4. I get annoyed lately if you comment on my weight or anything to do with my weight. Not that I take the initiative to lose it.

5. I am disgusted by my own attitude towards my studies. Why can't I study harder to get good grades??

6. I keep wishing I was somewhere else besides in Perlis. Why can't I be thankful that I at least got into a university? I still hate it here...I try to like it....I tried hard

7. I have no talent. I feel I am ordinary, too ordinary that no one even notices.

8. I have no courage to speak out. I hate it that I don't have the guts to say what I want to say because I'm afraid I will offend people.

9. I hate it that I can be so selfish sometimes that I don't think of others. Yet I can be selfless (when I want to that is) that I don't think of myself. Sometimes I wonder which is truly good for me?

10. I care too much of what people think about me sometimes that I get too paranoid. Why can't I stop caring what others think of me and focus on being myself?

I hate myself, doesn't mean I don't try to love myself. It's a love-hate relationship I have with myself. One minute I love me, the next I hate me. The perils of being ME.....

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