Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wang Kelian & Timah Tasoh

Finally, I got myself to Wang Kelian and Timah Tasoh. Wang Kelian was so far =.=The to and fro journey is almost the petrol used for my journey home from Perlis to Penang. The journey was like going uphill to Genting and then going downhill again. The curves and turns were steep and sharp.

Wang Kelian is a place where we can cross border to Thailand to shop. There's so many cars and a lot of people. There's not much to buy though unless you want to go and eat. There's plenty of junk food and lot's of fried stuff. Or if you want to buy batik or cookery, there's plenty of that too.

Me at the border. ^^ Welcome to Thailand!!
Uni friends at the market.
The stretch of market. There's the end further down.
The colourful bus we saw.
Me and Mun at the market. We are in Thailand!!
The crepe we bought to eat. Notice the wrapper? It's so cute
Timah Tasoh Lake. There's a resort there. The scenery there is amazing. I didn't bring a camera so I didn't take any photos. I was way too tired to pose even for a photo. We had head out to Wang Burma cave before we went to the Lake, so you could see everyone was exhausted. but of course, we manage to pose for a few photos before going back.

P.S. I shall show you my trip to the Wang Burma Cave when I get the photos. What an adventure it was.

Photos by Pei Mun. :)

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