Monday, March 21, 2011

SS3 Live in KL Part 2

The continuation from yesterday.

After the VTR, it was Tok Tok Tok by Super Junior T. You know how crazy Suju boys are. They really like to play and fool around wearing the super flashy trot clothes. I think at times the boys weren't as hyper. At the start of the concert they weren't. I think it was to the end did they start going hyper. Maybe because of the Japan Tsunami?

The next few songs, Suju walked by my place together which got me to take photos of them walking by. Too bad they didn't look down. Sungmin did came and sing in front of us though. Siwon was at the walkway between A1 and A2 doing all sort of poses. He keep making hearts and standing there. It was pretty cool although I was quite far from him then.

When it was Twins. was loud and damn rock-ish. The fireworks go off like mad and since we stood below it, I think we got shocked a few times but the whole song everyone was having fun. Hae and Min joined K.R.Y. to perform a song. Hae stood right in front of the pitt to sing. I'm not exactly in front of him. More to his right but I saw him smiling at the people below him. Why can't he stand in front of me. There was a Kangin tribute. It was nice. They all sat and pretend to be playing music instruments and holographic Kangin came out. I think the whole tribute was really touching and it made me a lil sad that Kangin wasn't there. Not only me, everyone was missing Kangin too. It make most of us a lil watery in the eyes. Hae even tried to hold his hand..LOL. I saw Hae taking an angel hairband from one of the girls. Hmm..I regret not bringing any props. Remind me next time.

Yesung sung his solo. It Has To Be You, Cinderella's Sister's OST. I love this song. His vocals were really good too. Feels just like the MP3 version. Next was Perfection. Awesome!!! it was really a perfection. Everyone was screaming and jumping with the song. I think there were fan-chants from around the terraces but I don't hear much fan-chant from rockpitt A1. I know they were many fan projects, the only one I actually remembered to follow was for Sorry Sorry and Bonamana I think..haha. Oh ya, Teukkie ask us to sing a birthday song for Hyuk. There's actually a fan project to sing him and Siwon a song but Teukkie got ahead of us. Haha. He ask us to sing it 1st instead of us starting.

From Bonamana onwards, the songs were fast songs and the fireworks keeps going off. It was thrilling and I sang with everyone while taking photos. The Bonamana dance was amazing. It was so incredible. It was powerful and so smooth. Hyuk, Hae, Kyu and SDong dance it so well. I have to say Yesung looks really fun while dacing. He sort of awkward. Haha. Hae did walk by and stood in front of the pitt during one of the songs. He was looking at someone camera and then he took the Polaroid camera and took a photo. I think the camera didn't work though. Hae was like Huh? and ended up just passing it back to the girl. I wish he took mine. :(He did smile a lot at the people in my rockpitt but he didn't see me. Hyuk stood right in front of me dancing. He's so so handsome. The biasness to Hae is slowly drifting to Hyuk and Teuk. Haha. Someone threw a monkey hat to Hyuk but he didn't catch it. Hae did though and wore it. He wore it and pose for photos. He even close his face with his hand and pose like a cute boy. So cute~~ he does like to give fan services. Like Siwon he makes hearts with his hands or smile at them. <3>

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