Sunday, March 20, 2011

SS3 Live in KL Part 1

OMG I better write everything down before I forget. SS3 Msia was great, awesome, daebak, jjang!! I think I need to write this by part. I'm going to based it according to the photos and videos I saw.

I was so worried about not getting a good view but my view was okay. I mean I can't exactly touch their hands or see everything clearly but as the stage is around me and they walk around so I pretty much get to go gaga over their body and looks. Hehe. The blue sapphire ocean of lights were really nice. It was like the whole stadium becomes an ocean. Really beautiful~~

I was in Pitt A1 so when it was the start of the concert, the Suju boys came out at the centre of the 4 Pitt and thus all I saw was their back. Get to check out their I look at the screen then but the start was great . Fans were screaming and the sapphire blue light-sticks were waving like mad. It started with Sorry Sorry and the atmosphere was great. It was a remix version and the dance was so nice. The centre stage turns so I get to see more than their butt. Hehe. Then they ran back to the main stage. Yay for me!! Henry and Zhou Mi came out and they sung Super Girl. Damn yeng!! They did ran back to centre stage though half way through song. The fireworks erupted and tell you what, I stood right underneath there. Almost gave us a shock.

I think it was around No Other that Teukkie and Sungmin was lifted up and throwing confetti down at us. Sungmin looks like he was having fun throwing confetti all over. After that was the introduction which was pretty funny to me. Heechul came out after his intro asking people to say along with him Milky Face Kim Heechul, Saranghaeyo Kim Heechul. Next was Mr Choi Siwon who dress up like a matador. His red cape was wrapped around his waist. He's kind of funny. When it is other people's intro, he keep going to disturb them with his cape or hugging them. Guess he is a hugging maniac too? They introduce themselves in English and even said some Malay greetings. Kyuhyun was dressed like a pharaoh. Yesung was suppose to be a Red Indian but I didn't notice the hat. Sungmin and Ryeowook were cute. Wearing that black coat. Eeteuk keeps Apa Khabar? Hyuk ask the crowd to repeat after him, Say Yeah! Say Yeah! Say Woah! and of course we repeated after him. :) He shouted "What's up Malaysia!!" . Donghae was so cute in the Buckingham soldier hat. Wow! Wow!! Wow! Donghai~"just like that. Haha. Shindong came out in a Chinese hat. They really like joking around which was fun to watch and Siwon brought out towels and water for Teukkie to pass out to the fans. They throw out some towels too and guess what? My cousin (Two of them went. One went with me. Another with a fanclub.) caught one of the towel. Lucky her. Siwon tied his red cape to Yesung's neck making him Superman..haha. Lot's of skinship...nice~ Saw some Eunhae in action. In fact all of them are really close like brothers. It's nice to see.

At the next song I think, Shindong walked pass our pitt and he stopped right in front of my place. Haha. Quite a big face he has there. Hehe. So chubby I feel like pinching him. (I'm not even sure now if my memories is in order lol. I'm remembering according to my photos.) Eeteuk walked by which was the best because I got a great shot of him. ^^ I was so scared the security would blocked me from taking photos but they didn't and I was worried but I ended up taking lots of photos since everyone around was dong the same.

Rokkugo was sang, Donghae got bullied by Heechul and Shindong who stuck their mics into his face. Heechul's mic was to his nose. I wonder if Heechul even remembers that he needs to use it to sing again even if it is dirty? I think it was Hyuk, Min and Teuk that was getting a body slam from Shindong. He slept directly on them and Heechul added to the weight. The boys and their antics.

Afterward, they all went back in and it was time for the solos. Ryeowook's solo was first. He sang while Sungmin played the guitar for him. Very nice. Ryeowook's voice is pretty soothing and the melody just flows. Kyuhyun was amazing. He sang the Xing Bu Liao Qing song. His vocals was great. After that was the Eunhae couple. Lucky dancer who dance with them. Hyuk was so hot while dancing. I think he took of his jacket in front of some fans *envious* Hae has pretty smooth moves too. I did record their dance down but it's kind of shaky haha. Teukkie sang Kiss Goodbye while playing the piano. (One of my favourite songs.) SS3 made me even more in love with Teukkie. Gosh, it was so romantic. Everyone sang with him. You could tell he was nervous because after it finished because he blew out air out of relief.

Then, Siwon came out singing an English song. I look through some other post and found out it is called Looking for the Day. After that, it was Henry's solo. he sang Baby while playing the piano and then dance to the song. He was quite cute and I think he sang better than J.B. I have to admit I never pay much attention to him but after SS3, I think my perceptions might change a bit. Sungmin danced. It was pretty sexy considering the dancer was touching his body and all. Haha. Wasn't as jealous as when I saw the dancer touch Hae's and Hyuk's body cause I wanna touch their too. LOL. After that Eunhyuk sang Down. Just realised I didn't take a photo. I was listening and watching him dance. How I love how he dance. So hott!! He was so sexy!!!

After that was a hilarious VTR introducing Super Junior T~~ Shall continue on to the next post.

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