Monday, March 21, 2011

SS3 Live in KL Part 3

I can't remember much. mostly of this is according to my photos, videos and other fan-accounts. I try to remember as much as I can. It's not even in order sometimes haha.

The VTR for Cooking Cooking was so cute. Vegetables the baby doesn't even want to eat. Got thrown into the rubbish bin. So the veges train and have massages and facial/tanning till they look super shiny and strong. The baby likes them in the I think everyone knows they will sing Cooking Cooking. Yay!! In vegetables costume too..haha.

Everyone walked around the whole stadium. Kyu and Hyuk stood the longest in front of us during Cooking Cooking. The green pepper costume Kyu stood still for a couple of minutes in front of us enough for me to take photos. The mushroom head Hyuk then hit his head and hide behind him. Kyu didn't notice that big mushroom costume. He hit Kyu a few times before trying to ran away but Kyu caught him and Hyuk fell. The funniest thing was he fell and couldn't get back up. We were laughing there at them. Kyu tried to pull him up but decided for revenge. He kicked Hyuk a few times and try to pull him up. In the end, after rolling around Hyuk manage to get back up. It was hilarious. Hae walked by my pitt but didn't stop. Donghae was in a beansprout outfit but I think he only wore it awhile before taking it off quickly. Guess they hate the outfit?

I heard Hae singing Bruno Mars Just The way You Are. "Cause you're amazing just the way you are" Kya~~ Very many Eunhae moments..haha. I love it. They would walk by each other and somehow will touch each other. Siwon was like that too. I saw him hugging Teuk from behind and refusing to let go. LOL...I didn't know he was that kind of a person. Haha. Teukie did walk down the stairs to the pitt I was standing but he was too far from me. I was screaming when I saw him walking. Kinda hoping he would reach me but he walked back up. I keep holding Hae's banner but he never did really see me. All I get was a glance. At least a few of them did stop and smile and wave. Even shy Ryeowook was waving shyly. He's so shy. Even his wave were so gentle. He's pretty cute. Sungmin was cute too. Like his smile. It's really sweet. Shindong has a very big face..haha. I think they wore only a bit of makeup. Some of their skin were really smooth but there were pimples in some of their faces. Teuk was really fair.

They did talk a bit at the end of the concert. Siwon ask us to pray for Japan. Everyone screamed when he said he loves Malaysia so much. Eeteuk then spoke in Korean which I don't understand and ask Eunhyuk to say something. Hyuk keeps "" Hae cut in and said "I think I'll.." and Hyuk continued and said "You are so gorgeous...and I'm so gorgeous." LOL. Shindong ask him What? Then he said "I'm so Go...Go...Gollum" Haha..and he pretended to be Gollum and did that My Precious~ which got the whole Suju laughing. Sungmin said I love you. Yesung sang in English to express his feeling...then Hyuk touch his So he hit Hyuk...haha. When it was Kyuhyun's turn, he spoke some really fluent English until everyone realise that he was just spurting out lyrics from an English song which got Siwon to laugh out at him. Teukkie thank everyone. They bow a lot. They are very respectful and very nice. In fact, I felt that they look just like on TV. Oh ya, Heechul said see you all in SS4 Msia and I love you in English. Siwon says look out for the 5th album. Yay!!

They sang Wonderboys as their last song and threw out some plastic balls. I saw Kyu signing on some of them and Hyuk was kissing the balls before throwing them. He threw a few to my pitt but I didn't catch any. I did get one though. Leftover on stage haha...I ask the workers to pass it to me and they did. :) One of the members hold it before..hehe. I think it was either Ryeowook or Sungmin. Teukkie got hold of a teddy-bear a girl from my rockpitt was throwing up to him. He holds it for awhile and threw it back down. Two girls were seen arguing over it. Haha. Scary right?

Super Junior made their final bow and thank everyone. I realised I didn't see much of Heechul. Teukie called him out at the end. Zhou Mi and Henry came out too. Jungmo from Trax who appear at the start of the show came out too. Didn't hear what he said though. Zhou Mi spoke in chinese. I didn't pay attention. Screams were kinda loud so I didn't hear much. Henry said something about Malaysian fans being really active on his twitter. I heard Hae saying "See you on twitter tonight." It was right before they went in that Teukkie threw his t shirt before he left stage. He was right in front of us. He folded it properly and then threw it. He contemplate a lot before throwing. He didn't know who to throw it too cause everyone was asking him to throw to them. I almost caught it but got pushed away. Fangirls are way scary.

I pay attention too much to Hae and Hyuk...haha. I hardly look at anyone else except maybe Teuk and Kyu. Well, they are my bias after all..hehe. I want more of Heechul but he never really appear much near my place. It ended so quickly. I felt like 3 hours just passed by just like that. If you ask me who is more handsome, I'll tell you everyone. Haha. of course I'm Donghae biased and he was really very handsome. He always does the merong or all smiles. Siwon was just as handsome like on TV like a prince. Eunhyuk was so charming. I felt he was really charismatic especially when he dance. him..he was really handsome and cute. His dimple was so cute. He's so humble too. Kyuhyun was cute. His complexion wasn't that good but he's pretty mischievous and would ran around. Ryeowook and Sungmin was cute. Wookie is pretty shy while Min was quite active. He threw a pair of plastic glasses to the fans and actually winced when they were snatching them apart. Haha. Heechul wore his glasses but I could tell he was He rarely walked by me though. Yesung..hmm..didn't pay much attention but he looks pretty much the same like on tv. Shindong just looks large..haha. Henry was cute. Zhou Mi looks more feminine than on TV. I prefer him on TV. Keke. One thing missing from the show is there is no Lady HeeHee for me to see or Hae, Hyuk, and SD crossdressing. Haiz..what a loss. I didn't even get to see Siwon's/Teuk's/Hyuk's abs. >.<>

I queued up in the rain before I went in to the concert from 3pm. I proclaimed myself a genius for bringing an umbrella...haha. I read from somewhere that it was going to rain in the evening, so I bought my umbrella. I bought a few blue lightsticks, mobile phone chains and got a few fan banners from various fanclub. I'm so glad I got stuff to remind me of SS3. I hope I'll be able to go for SS4!!!

Super Junior daebak!!

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