Saturday, May 22, 2010

Shrek Forever After...

Went for a movie marathon on Thursday. I watched Shrek Forever After and Robin Hood.

Seems like the month of May is a month for movies for me.

Shrek was nice. Some parts were kind of boring for me but it was overall kind of funny. A few jokes here and there that would bring laughter to the audiences. I watched it in 3D too. My first 3D movie in the GSC cinema.

After rescuing the princess from the dragon and saving the kingdom and going through lot's of other adventures, Shrek finally gets to live happily ever after...or does he?

Waking every morning to those little ogre babies and having to be nice to everyone and not be the ogre that scares everyone is becoming too much for Shrek until he exploded. He was then conned into making a deal with Rumpelstiltskin to take away a day for a day of becoming the ogre that everyone is scared off. Shrek is then transported into a weird world where ogres are hunted, Rumpelstiltskin is King and Fiona never met Shrek and becomes this warrior ogre that fight for freedom for ogres.

In order to get back the life he always have, Shrek has to undo all these and make Fiona falls in love with him and restore the world back in order.

It's like you never miss something until it is gone. That's how Shrek felt when he didn't have his wife and kids that he missed it all. He tries to get it all back but will it be too late?


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