Friday, May 14, 2010

Iron Man 2

Okay, I watch this last week. I can't really remember much now but I felt that the sequel was not as nice as the 1st movie. You see, when sequels come out, we always have that anticipating in the air because we watched the 1st movie and felt it was so great that we expect more from the 2nd one. Even if the 2nd movie was nice we would not have felt satisfied anyway.

Never anticipate I tell you.

*Spoilers ahead*

After saying that, I actually thought the sequel was nice but could have been better. The show started with Tony Stark being this famous dude now after revealing he is Iron man and all is fulfilling his father's dream of opening Stark Expo that showcase the world's best technologies. Tony Stark is however being demanded by the government to hand over the Iron Man suit. He refused and with his arrogant ways humiliating the minister and making it a joke.

Tony is however suffering from palladium poisoning from the reactor in his body and decided to do whatever he want because he thinks he was dying and all. In the midst of it all, we can see an enemy, Ivan Vanko who wants revenge for his father who actually co-created the reactor. Ivan created a reactor of his own with whips trying to kill Tony. Ivan was arrested but was break out of prison by Tony's rival Justin Hammer who wants to beat Tony in the technologies. Hammer is actually a total jerk and a moron, he kind of sucks in the technologies actually but he breaks Ivan out to help him create his own line of drones to rival Tony's Iron Man.

Tony however thinks he's dying so he appointed Pepper as CEO and he does whatever he wanted, throwing parties, misuse of his Iron Man suit and all. Erm...I almost forgot about Natalie Rushman (Scarlett Johansson). She's really hot and all in this film. Great body shape and what an amazing figure...very sexy. She came out as Pepper's secretary.

During Tony's birthday party, Tony got drunk in his Ironman suit prompting Rhodes to subdue him using another Ironman suit, almost destroying the whole house and all. Tony feeling disgraced was then approached by Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. who provides him with things from his father that helps save Tony's life as it contains important info to create a new reactor using a new element.

Hammer however thinking he finally can reveal his masterpieces in Stark Expo actually creates havoc as it turns out Ivan controls all the drones. Tony came with the improvised version of Iron Man to fight of all the drones. Rhodes was caught in between as his own suit was being controlled by Ivan but he tries his best to help Tony. This part was the most exciting to me but I wish they have added more of the fight between Tony and Ivan.

So in the end, Tony manage to defeat Ivan but with help from Natalie who breaks into Hammer Industries to gain back control over the drones. Natalie breaking in was cool in a way. Tony combined with Rhodes finally manage to win Ivan Vanko. However the drones were installed with self destructing devises that almost killed Pepper if Tony did not manage to save her in time.

The end was pretty funny as the minister who despises Tony to the bone have to honour Rhodes and Tony medals for bravery. Just looking at his forced smile was real funny.

What a long summary....finally done...haha. I wanted to write this for days but was too lazy. It was done in a rush...well at least I satisfy myself by actually writing something.


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