Monday, May 17, 2010

Pinang Peranakan Mansion

Last week, I think it was a Thursday I went on a tour to the Pinang Peranakan Mansion. It's a Baba and Nyonya mansion on Church Street, Penang. The entrance fees is RM10 and I thought it was pretty reasonable but they should have tickets for students like RM5, then I won't mind going again...hahaha.

I'm fascinated by Peranakan stuff. I love eating Peranakan food which is so yummy. My favourite is all those dishes my grandma cooks. Historical stuff are interesting because they have a story behind them and all. If you think of how these objects once belong to someone from the past, it's like imagining what it was like hundred of years ago...and I'm crapping again...blah blah blah. Ignore me..=.=

Any of you watched Little Nyonya? Then you'll recognise this house. It's where part of Little Nyonya is filmed. This house was actually in bad shape until the owner now remodeled it. The wood crafting and intricate design of the furniture in the mansion is really amazing. Lot's of glass stuff too which are very valuable and very costly.

I'll write an endless post if I keep talking about it because I saw lots of things I want to write about. So, let's just look at the photos instead.

The stairway and part of the courtyard.

Nice isn't it? Looks very classy.

These are mine....Nahh....They belong to some Nyonya years ago...

This is called a longevity mirror I think. The reflection is never ending as two mirrors are placed opposite each others.

One of the dining rooms. If I'm not mistaken, there were 2 or 3. Can you see the window. The glass window is very intricate and you can see the outside from inside but not from the outside to inside and it was made in China hundreds of years ago. How amazing is that to already have that quality and skill at that time?

The antic porcelain bowls and plates are displayed behind and Hui Ping and me are seated on a S-shaped settee.

There's more photos but I'm too lazy to post them. You people should just come down to the lovely Penang Island and see this for yourself. ^___^


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