Monday, May 24, 2010

Helping out...

Yesterday the very lazy I actually went to do some volunteer work. I had fun. I went to help out at the temple where people were giving donations to the temple. Food, drinks, stationeries, money, daily necessities…there’s lots of stuff. There were a lot of people donating food to the temple. It makes me think maybe this society isn’t all that selfish after all.

(The packets are like this at 1st)

(Then we packed them into this.)

(See how many bags of the packets there is...There's a lot more actually)

People donate all kinds of stuff and we were assigned to sorting the stuff. There’s actually a lot of stuff…coffee packets, rice, oats, sugar, biscuits, bread, stationeries…people donate lots of that. You probably think you were swimming in instant beverages if you see all that coffee mix, oats or tea mix. After sorting them, we actually have to sort them into their different brand or categories like 3 in 1 coffee or oats. We ended up packing these packets into plastic bags for sale during Wesak day.

I really had fun doing the work. I almost felt like I’ll be great working in packaging industry because we did all those work in a few hours. Remind me if I failed in a career in engineering to go into the packaging industry. ^__^


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