Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Exam Season

As right now is the exam season, there’s really nothing much to do at all. What can I do besides studying, online, sleeping or eating? Go jalan at Kangar?? Nahh…..there’s nothing much there anyway.

I can’t blog as often as I do lately as the uni blocks the BlogSpot posting somehow. If I want I can spend my money at the cybercafé. Hey it’s only RM 1.50 per hour and unlimited and unblocked access to any freaking website I want. Not that I have any website to go too besides playing Facebook, watching YouTube, reading Korean entertainment news and reading fan fiction on the net, I doubt I really do much on the internet. Basically what I usually do online is go to the Suju Wordpress that has lots of Suju News and the TVXQ fan blog…DBSK Knights. Cos I’m obsessed with Suju and TVXQ, all I do most of the time I go online has to do with them…hahaha. Yes obsessed is the word I would use because I am addicted to them…my DH and LT are simply too cute to resist and JJ and YH are just melting my heart…^_^

Yeah now I’m wasting my time surfing the net but I got tired of revising which I never do until it comes to the last minute and I am a fan of burning the midnight oil. Not that I’m burning any oil at midnight now (Not Palm oil, coconut oil, cooking oil, baby oil or corn oil…Ignore me I’ve going wacko *_*) Times like this is more like burning the fluorescent light and burning UniMAP’s money on electrical bils…Ngek ngek ngek..

Math exam just passed recently. It turns out I’m really not a Math person. No matter how I try I can’t seem to get Math. Simple math like 2+2=4 is easy but when it comes to those with bombastic formulas, I will be the 1st to raise a white flag. Maybe I’m not trying hard enough but since it’s the LAST time I’m going to take a math paper in UniMAP and hopefully one I don’t have to retake I would gladly say goodbye to Engineering Math. Adieu Math…Sayonara…Chao…拜拜….please don’t come back ever again!!

Only 3 core papers left. Gotha put my head in the game. I’m going to make the best out of nothing again. Make a miracle…aim for 3.7 (Like that’s going to happen this sem…-_-|| but well got to keep the faith anyway…) Crapping again so I’m going to end this…To dear Kiddies can’t wait to see all of you in Penang..Jya…

Without wax,

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