Friday, November 27, 2009

Charity Dance Show

Last night I went to watch a Charity Dance Show at Dewan Sri Pinang. Hui Ping has a friend who got us some free tickets so we went to watch it. The show is actually dance performances from different dance academies such as A la Pointe Ballet Academy and D'Vol Dance Theatre. It was not bad the dances but it was kinda almost the same. Contemporary dances, ballet and break dancing. The dances were almost the same and I was kind of expecting more of the dancers since I have seen pretty great moves in different occasions.

But for charity, the dances were pretty cool especially the break dances. They were pretty amazing especially those popping moves and the heart beating part, my favourite popping move...hehe...all because of the Neorago dance.

After that, a round of coffee and food for me at Coffee Island. I was hungry since I didn't eat any dinner so I wolfed down a plate of spaghetti...Yummy...haha. Talk and talk is what we always do. That night I think we were pretty loud like usual. Since I'm kinda used to the situation where everyone is staring like us because we are so loud most of the time, it didn't bother me at all....haha. 'LOUD,NOISY GANG' you know who you are. I actually find it comforting that we are laughing and talking so care freely as it is not often that I get to do it. So CHEERS to all of you. You guys are the best!!

Meanwhile, here's what I saw at the toilet door...Pretty interesting hor...


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