Sunday, November 08, 2009

Good or Bad

Did you know lately I got addicted on Little Nyonya…Some people would know what I’m saying I assume. It’s actually a Singaporean drama series on the lives of nyonyas during the British and Japanese occupation. This series really shows how heartless some people would be. I guess where there is evil, goodness also prevails because there’s always the kind soul living in someone next to evil. Evil never prevails but why do good people always have to suffer? If that’s the case isn’t being the evil one easy to live.

I think it’s pretty true you know when people say that it is easy being the bad guy then being a good one. The good ones get killed or they suffer before they ever have a happy life. Sometimes good people rather suffer themselves rather than others suffering. I can never be good like some people can. I try to be when I can but to me there’s a limit to being all nice to people. I'm personally not that nice anyway.

Another drama series where the heroine is kind-hearted is Sam Ho三好 in Beyond The Realm of Conscience. One of the series that gets me hooked on to it too as it has one of my favourite actresses, Charmaine Cheh. How can someone be so nice and good even if it is a fictional character? Too good can lead to all troubles sometimes but being bad doesn’t mean you don’t get retribution back at you. I guess when it comes to being a good or a bad guy; it’s up to you which character you want to be. The most you can do is at least live up to yourself and do what your heart thinks is right. At least that’s what I think…

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