Saturday, February 28, 2009

WHo Am I???

What's your first impression of me the first time you saw me??? Proud? Weird? Shy? I sometimes doubt that I have any interesting personality in me. I probably don't. Personality is what makes a person so different from another. I have personality do I? I am after all weird, clumsy, laughing like a idiot kinda way girl, funny at times and utterly lazy girl. That's a personlity. So how is your perception of me? Do you think I am boring? Because I know I am. Just look at this blog and compare it with others. Some people have very interesting blogs. Mine is just lengthy and plain boring. I have to say I have a boring life. I guess sometimes I feel like a hypocrite too because I tell people not to do this and I did it myself. Over-crictical? Attention-seeker, more like I seek comfort from people, to at least still feel not isolated. Thinking back, I lead a pretty simple life and isn't that what I ask for? So why am I complaining now? See how hypocrite I who am I? Am I just a girl with high hopes for the future only to be lead down by her own weights of life but still strive to at least be a someone? I just might be one......

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