Tuesday, February 24, 2009

CNY UniMAP style...

YooHoo....finally the UniMAP CNY celebration is over....I'm so glad partly because I slaved myself over the souvenirs and I guess I felt no one really appreciate what I did. Maybe they don't but I don't care. I did my job the best I can and if you ain't liking it then don't bother.

The souvenirs in my opinion were nice. My team and I, we put in our efforts to do it and it seems not even anyone remembered to say thanks for doing the souvenirs. In fact, I feel that some people think that souvenirs are easy stuff. Excuse me, do you know how long it takes to make one of the sovenirs or how much effort we put in? Don't think just because your biro has stuff to do on the actual day and I don't, means you can bully me. I did my part so now is your turn. (Pardon the blast of anger...)
(Deco at entrance) (Lion dance)
CNY....was not bad...the decorations was okay....quite nice. I especially like the deco at the entrance. The performances were okay. Nothing special except for the lion dance and the sketch. I like the sketch...it's really very funny. The dances were okay. Not exactly special but it was fun cheering them on. The song singing was pretty good albeit a slight off-key by one of the performers. Overall, I would give this event a B+ for effort and job done. There were quite a few mishaps and incident which I felt could have been avoided if it was planned much properly or those in charge of certain parts handled it better. Anyway, it was enjoyable and that is what matters. So, phew...it's over finally....

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