Sunday, February 08, 2009

Aerobics with the Raja Muda of Perlis

It's been a week since I left Penang. Somehow it feel like months has passed by. I miss Penang...T.T.....But I'll get over it since I'm coming back next week after all haha....

Yesterday I went to a aerobics cum poco-poco session with our chancellor and vice-chancellor. What is poco-poco you ask? It's a dance-like exercise. It's kinda fun once you get it actually. The event was supposedly to be complusory but guess what? I think more than half of the university didn't go to the event. It was said to be complusory to all UniMAP students but well I think less than 700 of us were there. So what's the point of making it complusory? Nobody even bothered. I think besides me and my friend all the Chinese students in our class didn't attend. As a matter of fact, practically more than 4/5 resident student in Wang Ulu didnt' attend the event. Shy do I have to follow them? So I went....I went there and I did have fun albeit I have to wake up early that morning at 5.35 and spend my whole morning in the Perlis stadium. I didn't even pespire much so I don't think I workout much. I spend 1 hour or more exercise and I didn't work up much sweat...Imagine that. No wonder I'm getting fat. (More likely because I sleep a lot..) I went there to see the Chancellor and his wife actually. Hahaha...After all they are royalty and it's not like you can see royalty everyday. His wife looks really modern with sunglasses and all. I even took a photo with her and shook her hand. Not bad huh...haha. I didn't went to shake the Raja Muda's hand though...line too long....hehe.

We have to bring our matric card along as usual to confirm our attendance. Fortunately due to less people attending the event I don't have to squeeze a lot in line...I saw some people bringing their friends' matric cards. I'm not saying I am against it but don't you think it's really unfair to those who went to the event and to yourself that you help them sign in their cards? They didn't attend it so don't bother. I feel that if you don't want to come then it's fine but you still ask your friend that is attending to sign in your card for you. It's pretty inappropriate to me. Do you know how much troble they went through to get your card signed in? You don't do you???

Okay maybe he's doing you a favour and you're probably treating him or something but still I wouldn't do that much to my friends. Maybe once or twice is fine but if this continues I think maybe even your friends will get fed-up with you too. So the best for me is either you don't bother going and not pass your matrics card to be signed-in or just go to the event. No harm done going unless you have urgent stuff that needs to be done. They even provide food you know. I got extra home I save up on $$ for lunch and dinner. Hahaha...I know I'm cheap but hey I'm saving my money for better uses like bus tickets home and maybe some new shoes...hahahaha. Maybe I'm a goody-two shoes for following rules and attending the event but I like it. I follow rules when I like too. Sometimes I bend the rules but you don't have to know that....Unusual I know but this is me....

(Lately I get annoyed by the smallest thing even when it has nothing to do with me...Geez...I'm weird)

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