Sunday, January 18, 2009

Activity gone so so wrong...

Used, tired, tricked and stupid. That’s what I feel right now. I'm so pissed yesterday so I came up with this but this is my perspective of things so deal with it. I woke up 5.30 a.m. yesterday morning to what I thought was a part of my 7 Pillars program I had to attend because it’s compulsory. Walking 20 something kilometers for nothing. I spend almost 9 hours wasting all my effort. (4 hours alone was walking…) What exactly was the objective of this activity? To train our discipline and strength? Exposing us to the hot sun? Walking as a fun thing? All of that I can bear just fine. Walking wasn’t much of a problem since I have walked further distance than that. What I felt was totally unnecessary and inappropriate was what they had called a ‘peace rally’. Some of us felt we were tricked into this so-called rally. The rally only started at the end of the walk to I think we all will participate without having any choice.

Boycotting Israeli products? I don’t understand what’s all this about actually? Does boycotting actually going to help stop the Israeli militant from killing the innocents? Would they even have heard of this protest? Was it all just for show? I don’t know…what I know is I refuse to be caught in what I felt is not right. Protest however peaceful it is just feels wrong to me… Boycotting doesn’t help anything…..I don’t want to blame anyone but I feel it’s my own decision whether or not I am willing to support any causes. I don’t need anyone to decide that for me. I’m not a heartless or unsympathetic person but whether or not I would want to do anything of this sort is up to me not YOU. Here you are taking away my choice my rights as a citizen of Malaysia to determine whether I want to do this or not. When we have started out this activity yesterday morning, I have no idea anyone was going to do that. I would not have participated if I knew this thing is happening simply because I don’t like this kind of things. The reason I'm so angerd about the rally is that no one actually ask our permission to be part of it. We were roped into it whether we like it or not. I was only there to do my 7 Pillars. Not to go for any stupid rally. To me it is all just all for show.

Still, war does not benefit anyone. Whether it is for any cause it is wrong. So is boycotting. It doesn’t help but making the situation worst in my opinion. The economy is bad enough and by engraving it to that situation why not do something more beneficial. Instead of boycotting why not we understand the situation here. Let me ask you a question. This message asking us to boycott these products like McD and KFC, these companies are not Israeli companies. They are donating to them that’s true but whether or not the war is started is not decided by them. It is Tel-Aviv that decides that. They are mainly US-owned companies and some people might think we should also boycott them since US supports Israel.

“This kind of thinking is like hitting someone who is cheering for the assailant mugging someone. But that’s not really the point of the problem.”

I think we should just simply say NO to war, terrorism and violence there will never be an end to all of this if we don’t help change this matter together. If we would just stop fighting for once. What Palestinians need now is medical aid, food, water and international help. Instead of boycott, we should donate rather than boycott. The article I read in The Star newspaper today is really interesting and cannot be more true...

“Let us focus on the correct ultimate aim. Whatever our religious and cultural differences, peace is always preferable over war. We must be willing to condemn anybody who steps in the way of our goal. We should expect Jews worldwide to condemn Israeli use of phosphorus bombs, and pro-Palestinians must similar be upset at cross-border rocket attacks in Hamas. We must be willing to attack ourselves in a louder voice than we attack each other. Peace cannot be a one-sided thing where we proudly criticize the Goliath while continue to turn a blind eye to catapults that pester him. I feel it is a more effective route than a boycott is to seek like-minded people from the other side who also agree that we should seek peace above all else. Don’t go to a masjid to hear an anti-Israel ceramah; go to a synagogue to find Jews who condemn the war. Make friends with them, take the first step together towards a common goal.”

I feel that the writer couldn’t have been more right. If you have read his article (Sunday Star 18 Jan09) you will agree with him. Open up you Sunday Star if you miss that and read it.

P.S. Some companies they think we should boycott hire millions of our workers here in Malaysia. Should they boycott by stop working?? It is preposterous to think like that. So don’t boycott. Oh, by the way….I just had KFC this afternoon…couldn’t resist it…not that I am supporting the boycott anyway.


Ting said...

true...i don't think that the uni students even know what are they rallying's just ashow for the uni..ums is doing it as well. then students sign the petition without having any idea of what they are petitioning for. this boycott thing is totally irrelevant and useless

Ting said... more thing...why must we interfere with other ppl's business...i thought we are all neutral...i bet if america wasn't in recession no one would even dare to boycott american goods. these people are just taking advantage of the situation.

in my opinion, they should just give mercy aids and urge israel and palestin to settle it among themselves...not other countries boycotting american goods....altho the talks between palestin and israel never worked