Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year 2007 !!!!!!

Happy New Year!!!! it's going to be a happy year for me...2007 is going be a hard year since I'm taking STPM examination this year....The year 2006 seems to pass by like a blink....There were a lot of memories, some great and some bad...Like I got chosen for National was something I guess I'll remember forever, make good and bad memories during those 2-3 months.....make quite a lot of friends there (that's the good)...face homesickness, injustice and climbing long high staircase..haha (that's the bad). Then time seems to fly as my SPM results are out...I only got 9A1 out of 11...(That was a great disappointment to me....but I know the result was partly because I didn't work hard enough), then there was Form 6 regretted it at first but now it's ok, I'm coping with it since I chose it myself rather than going to college....There were many incidents and things happening in a year...365 days...lots has happen....But I don't know why but I can't seems to remember much of the year 2006...Maybe because I'm getting old..what's happening to my mind..can't seems to remember things already.....The year 2006 really seems to walk pass I'm 19 years old already ( Getting old aren't I ? )...Geezs how fast can I grow up...I don't want to but I can't help I guess I have to make the best of this year 2007 to be filled with more happy memories rather than sad ones......Just hope it will be filled with lot and lots of happy memorable memories....I hope this year 2007...the double O seven year 007 will be a peaceful disaster free year..too many natural and man-made disaster has happen..I just hope there's no more this year.....and I wish I'll get good results in STPM and be happy.....haha....Happy New Year!!!...

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