Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Beauty is skin deep....really??

Ok...what's the title all about you say...It's actually my MUET assignment. It is really terrible...the assignment was giving about a month ago and I haven't do it....I actually have to write a set of lyrics with the theme Beauty Is Skin Deep....We have take a song and change the lyrics into our own song. Tha's the bad part...I don't even know what to write on Beauty Is Skin Deep...I spend more than 5 hours searching for stuff on beauty is skin deep and all I get on the internet is about facial treatment, beauty spa and all kinds of beauty products...I still don't really get it...What is beauty really....Is beauty truly skin deep...some say beauty is skin deep but ugly is too the bone...but if you say everyone is beautiful in their own way then why the ugly part? I just don't know what to write....It is really important to me that I write something good because really I'm totally 'kiasu' and I want it to be some great is confusing.....I have tons of homework but still spend so much time on the net....still this is so much better than writing essays or doing assignments....Haiz... better start doing my homework before I get killed by my teachers tomorrow.....

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