Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year...Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone who is celebrating this CNY 2007, the year of the boar or Pig. It seems there is a lot of decorations of piggy in the market. God, they look really cute I have to say...though I am not to fond of them...I much prefer teddy bears.....this CNY haiz...I feel kind of bored....You won't believe it won't you....feel bored on CNY??? I do feel really bored this year...I look forward to this time of the year every year...(getting angpau or redpackets really is something to look forward for...haha) but it seems this year CNY has lost it's meaning to me. I mean really isn't CNY all about family reunion and gathering of family and friends...laughter and togetherness? This year I see my relative who I only see once a year when I go back to my old home in Tanjung is nice to go back once in a while to remember the moments I have there but they, my relative seems more and more foreign to me...(seeing people once a year only can do that to you right? ) Reunion dinner? I have dinner with my parents and my that called reunion? I practically see them everyday.....why can't all my relatives like my aunt and uncles gather together for a really big reunion dinner like what I see on tv? See nowadays CNY has really lost its true values and meaning...nowadays all teenagers care are buying new clothes, new shoes, getting ang paus and well eat and have is CNY nowadays really about family togetherness? Geez...I'm like doing a lecture...basically I am not saying I don't buy new stuff or have fun...I do...I even play mahjong with my cousins ...hahaha...I actually don't even know what I'm saying...maybe it's just me who feel a bit relatives don't I think...they still talk and laugh around...maybe it's just me have lost the meaning of CNY ??? Well Happy Chinese New Year to everyone and may you have a wonderful meaningful brand new year....I'll try to enjoy my CNY like I do when I was a kid...( I tend to think too much now that I am now...) I should start having fun and don't stay glum.....Haiz.... Enough of grumbling... Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone....

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