Friday, November 03, 2006

School Cultural Day, REMUP

Yesterday, my school held a cultural day which was called Hari REMUP....although I actually don't know what REMUP stands for...hehe. Students had to wear traditional clothing to school and many i saw wore very beautiful and colourful clothing. Some wore kebaya, cheongsam, sari and others. The whole school was like a parade of colours. It was really wonderful. All classes were asked to bring food and hold their own parties. There were even cultural perfomances that day.I myself have been included in the cultural dance performance. There were many performances that day such as a sketch, Indian dance, Boria and even a fashion show. I wore a blue and white kebaya to school. Everyone said I look like an air stewardess...hahaha.... I was quite buzy that day since I have to prepare for our chinese fan dance, so I did not have much chances to take pictures with my friends or eat all the delicious traditional food. I had my hair tied up very nicely by a friend who i must say have such talent in tying hair. Her hair tying skills are superb..myhair was really nice that day. I wore a samfu and a pair of slacks for the dance. I was really nervous but luckily I did quite well in the dance even though we have only practiced for about a week. So I was really proud of myself since I am normally a very slow learning clumsy person.It was really exciting to be able to see all kinds of different traditional clothes and people. It makes me feel really proud about our Malaysian culture and diversity. Despite our differences in race, culture and language, we are a group of united people. So unity is really power.....I love our multi-cultural independent country...Malaysia BOLEH!!!

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