Sunday, November 26, 2006

How to spend time wisely???

Now that it is the holidays, I am wondering how I could spend my time? I considered working but I have tuition classes almost three days a week...working definetely will not suit my time. So now I am pratically spending those days I don't have tuition online and playing computer games. Is this the best way to spend my holidays? I would said a BIG NO.....Going out with my friends can be considered an option but since most of them are busy with their college life and some with their own activities I guess I have to find some entertainment myself. ..Studying is an option too but who studies in this holiday season?? Well, actually those who are hardworking do right...but I am one of those lazy bums....Maybe I can go help some charity team or something....or I could just surf the internet all day...haha..its a better choice to me....Seriously I am talking crap again... Anyway lately I have been a bit not myself....sleepless nights have got me all crazy...(imagine been awake still at 4.30 a.m.)my sleep routine has gotten all weird...I can't sleep at night and I get all sleepy in the evening so I end up sleeping in the evening and can't sleep at night...Gawd it's really bad for health and you can get fat...I don't want to get fat.... Talking about being fat...recently I went to a yoga friend took me there for the first free trial. It was really fun and I wanted to go again but I can't afford it...Its around RM280 for ten sessions. It was really enjoyable but...there's always the but right...but I got all achey my whole body after that...I'm still aching...I even went hiking in the morning before I went to yoga at the evening...Why trhe sudden urge to do so many exercise you say...I guess because I am really out of shape..I should start practicing yoga myself..(hmm..great way to spend time right...should do it..) Its good for health and I can relax maybe I should do it more often..(I saw many aunties and career women there doing yoga even my friend's mom do it real maybe I should start) I guess enough of me talking crap..yaya... bye...

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