Saturday, November 18, 2006

Holidays here....

Hey hey..its finally the school holidays...yeh..yeh...haiiz...its not that fun really. Since next year is already STPM...have to work harder...but still not studying...pathetic huh. The final day in school this year was really fun...we have a class party with another class and took funny weird pictures...remember I said before that I'll show you my class which is painted in pink and peach and is so romantic...well actually its kind of a dark class...well here it is..haha...we took lots of pictures that day...we made all those funny looks that we laugh at ourself....I've always said that I never want to go back for Form 6 and how hard it is but actually going back to Form 6 now made me realise how dependent I am on my teachers and friends...I guess a part of me is not independent enough to face life in college where you have to study yourself.....I needed the time in Form 6 to truly grow up and be more independent. I can't depend on anyone to decide what's good or bad in my life...I need to start to think of my future...I really want to be a pharmacist although now I'm studying physics so I think I will probably study Applied Science or Chemical Engineering but I don't know what I want to do yet...going back to Form 6 is a correct decision I think but I guess I have to work harder because I'm kind of lazy...hehe...So kamate to me !!!!

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